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Islamic Terrorists Go On London Killing Spree! Where Is Obama?

The BIBLE Has Been Quietly Re-written! Guess Who's Behind It?

Trump Crushes The Insane Paris Climate Control Accord! Thanks POTUS, Yeah!

Man Who Infiltrated The Muslim Mafia SPEAKS OUT!

OBAMA'S EDUCATION RESULTS! Not One Student Passes State Exams!

Not So Funny! Comedian Shows The Truly Sick Side Of Liberal Perspectives

Can't Deny It! White Genocide IS Taking Place NOW!

Former DNC Data Director SLAMS Hillary's Demented Rants!

100 Things That Liberals HATE & DESPISE About America!

25 Steps To Feeding And Perpetuating Cultural & Political Disinformation!

How THE FED Is "Killing" Savings & Funding Banks & The Elite!

Trump "Rocks The World" With First Foreign Trip Thru Middle East & Europe!

More Proof! Freemasons & Canaanites At The Fed Out To Destroy America!

DON'T MISS! Hillary Goes Ballistic Against "Everyone" For Making Her Lose!

Thank God! Trump Tells The EU, He Is Pulling US From Paris Climate Accord!

Evil Hillary Clinton Has A Breakdown Giving Speech. Thank God She Lost!

The AP Is A Growing Source Of "Lying News", Slander & Leftist Propaganda!

25 Impeachable OBAMA Scandals More Serious Than Firing Comey!!! 

ALERT: Comey UNDER OATH: "NO PRESSURE To Stop Investigations"!!!!!!

WASTE OF TIME!? Bob Mueller Selected As Special Counsel For Russia Probe
"King" Obama Exposes The NEWEST LOW As A "LOW LIFE"  Ex-President!

Are We Headed Toward Impeachment & War?

FAKE News Tries To Smear Trump Over Supposed "Memo" From Comey!

Seth Rich's MURDER Follows The Clinton Death "Body Count" Procedures!

NEWS BLACKOUT Over Seth Rich's Revelations And Murder! Media Cover-up!

SICK! Zuckerberg Dreams Of Ruling The World With His Agendas!

READ THIS! Then Go Back To Sleep.... Standing Up If You Prefer!

It's OFFICIAL! It's OK to Discriminate! Maybe We Can Grow Up Now!

Back To The MAIN EVENT! Obama's Sick Sex, Drugs & Deceit!

Seth Rich Fed WikiLeaks Thousands Of Democrat Emails Before He Was Killed!

Garbage In! Garbage Out! The House Agrees On Obamacare Destruction!

What The.....? A "Tribe Member" Spills The Beans! That's Comforting.....

Congress Being Devoured By A "DARK, DARK INFLUENCE"!

PROOF: Team Hillary Hatched The "RUSSIAN HACKING" Story!


The "DIVIDES" In The World Keep Widening. A Battle Of Good & Evil?

DEMS Crazy? Hillary Just Keeps Whining "WHY" She Lost The Election!

Trump Readies To Fight Dem Obstructionists Regarding The Budget!

AG Sessions Stands Up Against Sanctuary Cities & States!

Ex-Obama Official: "We Spied On Trump"!

MUST SEE VIDEOS: Yes, A Dark Force Is Re-writing History!

HUGE STORY! Obama Newly Exposed For Wiretapping & Info Gathering!

BREXIT - Part 1: Are The British Dodging A Terrible Future That Awaits Them?

BREXIT - Part 2: Are The British Going To Protect England's Future?

The American UNCIVIL War! What Can Be Done To Stop It?

The True History Of The Canaanite Global Plans For World Domination!

TREASON! How The Frankfurt School Subverted American Education!

OBAMA EXPOSED! Employed A Large Group To Spy On Trump & Save Legacy!

Obama The Head Of The Worst Presidential Crime In American History!​​

Canaanites Rising? MSM Calling Out For Full-Scale War Against The Truth!

SICKENING! How The Ashkenazi Mafia Conquered The West! 

PIZZA! PIZZA! The Clintons, Obamas, Brennen, Podesta Ready To Get Cooked?

With All The Talk About Russia...What Is Their History The Past 100 Years?

Crimes Of The Bolsheviks? Are They Hiding Just Below "The Surface" Today?

Say "HELLO" To The Frankfurt School. Most People Have Never Met Them!

The REAL TRUTH About The History And Rise Of Islam And The Muslims?​​

COINCIDENTAL? Meet The Leaders Of America's Socialist Main-Stream-Media? 







___________JUNE 2017_______________ 

__________MAY 2017_________________

​​​​​_________ APRIL 2017________________

__________ MARCH 2017 ______________

__________FEBRUARY 2017___________
Trump electrifies the CPAC Convention! Best president ever?

Four-Black Anti-White Racists who assaulted handicapped boy actually plead "not guilty" to unspeakable racist crimes in Chicago!

_________ JANUARY 2017 ____________

___________DECEMBER 2016__________

_________NOVEMBER 2016_____________

"Hillary's America" - CLICK HERE!

"Clinton's Cash" - CLICK HERE!

            CITIZEN ALERT!



The head of the FBI also recently came out and stressed that Americans need to help law enforcement against foreign radical extremism in all forms. We at "The Liberist" love all the FREEDOMS given to us by our Bill of Rights and Constitution. We love America, but we need to help these agencies out. With foreign, radicalized extremists and illegal criminal immigrants threatening attacks on the US and Americans where we live. So, if you SEE something suspicious, hear something, suspect something... PLEASE SAY SOMETHING!

Editorial Comment: Also, we have the HIGHEST REGARD for the FBI and think it is time that they know that IF they step up and block and stop the political tyranny running the US government and manipulating the TRUTH in order to get Hillary elected, that the American People will support their every effort to stop this "take over" of the US. It is time to hold Hillary accountable for the email scams, political "pay for play", illegal and international fraud & activities of the so-called Clinton Foundation and the Clinton Global Initiative. This needs to stop today and the Clintons and all their aides need to pay the consequences.

​_________NOVEMBER 2016__________


​He encourages illegal aliens TO VOTE without fearing for any repercussions!


NEWS ALERT! FBI was "sickened" by news of Hillary and Bill's visit to "orgy island" and attendance at a vile and nauseating occult event dedicated to Satan. 

MUST SEE: The Hillary & Bill DEATH LIST!!!

NBC Media ALREADY broadcasting Hillary's "winning results" and trying to condition viewers to the idea that Hillary has already win!

Sick, sick, sick!

Clinton "Indictments" Pending. Due to happen anytime.....


Using the favorite tool of the Democrats to try and move people away from Trump.... The Fear Card! It is NOT working!

PROOF! The DOJ is in "partnership" with Hillary's treasonous and illegal behavior! Why is she not in jail?

SHAME ON JEB BUSH AND KASICH...for not supporting Trump and voting for him. Their political lives are over! 

_________OCTOBER 2016_________ 

TRUMP'S PATHWAY TO VICTORY IS EXPANDING DAILY....Victory is in his sights as Hillary collapses because of her criminal behavior and new charges!

What Awaits? What is coming when Turkey, Russia and China ALL meet up in the Middle East!?

Comey HAD to move to indict Hillary with the newest email charges because he was swamped with FBI agents resigning!

You Are Being Duped!
You Are Being Lied To!
Vote Trump - Pence!


"Trump is going to win!"

AMAZING LIE COMES TRUE: "Obamacare designed to fail and ruin America"! Thanks Obama and Hillary and Pelosi and Reid and "DICK" Durbin.....

Paul Ryan, the "Greatest GOP Traitor" of All-Time?

Black Americans are beginning to shift to voting for Trump! This will lead to a Trump Landslide!

OBAMACARE Exploding AND Imploding at the same time! Hey, Obama, whatever happened to ..."It won't increase you costs by one-thin-dime"? That was the "Lie Of The Century"! How does it feel to be a bold faced liar, Obama?

The American Voting Machines Supplied By George Soros Are Programed to try and steal the election. Soros should be arrested and tried for espionage!


Record number of "world" illegals pouring into the USA.... THANKS Hillary and Obama! They will be moving in next-door to you soon!

Paula Jones, whose case forced Bill Clinton to be impeached and PAY HER OFF, re-lives the terror or his rape and sexual perversion! Folks, you want him and his entitling wife BACK in the White House!

OBAMA IS INSANE! Claims there have been no major scandals in his administration. He belongs in jail.

TRUMP DELIVERS....a "FABULOUS" speech at Gettysburg. MUST SEE and MUST READ!

WE ARE FACING A LIFE & DEATH DECISION. Do we vote for American Principles, American Ideals and American Dreams....or do we vote TREASON? The future of America hangs in the balance.....pick wisely.

WHAT THE.....? Agents claim that Jim Comey "stood in the way" to block Hillary's email investigation! This is not treason?

Hillary's Security Details HATE her and her never-ending nastiness and wicked personality! Could she be "possessed" or is she just flaming crazy and out-of-her-mind?

Anti-Trump Democrats firebomb Trump headquarters in NC. The DEMOCRATS are desperate as they KNOW the media is trying to cover-up an upcoming Trump LANDSLIDE!

Black Bishop blasts Hillary, Obama and Dems for decades of using and abusing Black Americans for their own agendas.

Obama attacking FREE SPEECH! Beware of his radical, traitorous agenda....

Thousands more incriminating emails released about John Podesta....The HOLE gets deeper!

Is DNC's Newest Head, Donna Brazile, America's newest political traitor?

FBI agents ready to revolt over Hillary getting pass after pass after pass...

Must Read:

"Article Of The Month"

True DOOM awaits America if Hillary were to be elected. Can you imagine Tim Kaine winding up being president. I know, I know, that is scarier than a herd of clowns....

Not ONE top 100 Newspaper endorse Trump!

Is Obama's Media Machine behind this?

YAHOO! has been hacking our emails for the government. Time to check out of YAHOO!

Meet the new UN Leader?


Trump just keeps on "Rocking The House" -  EVERYWHERE! Hillary will lose by a landslide! She is done, over and kaput!

Obama's "GREATEST LEGACY" - Obamacare is DONE, DYING, WHIMPERING! What a terrible program! What a fraud on America! Just like ALL of Obama's programs. Good riddance.

Come On, Obama! Has He Lost His Mind? Cuts Diplomatic Conversations With Russia!

_________September 2016__________



Rock-Star treatment in Florida, 10,000 people come to hear him speak!

MUST SEE VIDEO: The ex-Fed admits that Trump is RIGHT about Janet Yellen's inability to read the markets and make any progress!

FBI NEVER meant to investigate Hillary's Email scandal and indict her. Disturbing, indeed! Say, it ain't so!


A thorough review of the Obama and Clinton economy and what we can expect to be facing. Trump is the only person who has the backbone, skills and muster to fix the Obama/Clinton mess. If Hillary is elected, our country will fall into on....

Bill Clinton Furious!

Hopping mad that his Foundation and Legacy is being smeared! Ohh, Bill, but what about the pain and hardship and devastation you and Hillary have forced on people in the US, in your private lives and in the global community?

Welcome to the future where no one works! What would you do?

Unique solution to the "World's Debt Problem"!


Hillary's "Smoking Gun" emails laid open under the bright lights!


America, We MUST All Awaken, IF We Are To Survive And Help Our Children Survive!

What drive's "Obama's Globalism"? It is the fact that he is offering the fruits of the American workers efforts to give "free stuff" to people who want to come to America, NOT to take the oath of commitment to America, but to get free STUFF and give America, the middle finger!

VERY IMPORTANT: Global Markets At A Very Dangerous Boil?

DANGER AHEAD: Here comes Deutsche Bank spinning out of the turn, again!


East Coast rocked by Radical Muslim Terrorist bombs. PLEASE be on the look-out and call the FBI if you see something!


The System of Tyranny, built on debt, is designed to enslave people without firing a shot?


North Korea conducts 5th nuclear test. Shows a glaring failure of Obama and Hillary's foreign policies!


Trump is surging "BIG TIME" with blacks and hispanics as he expands the Trump Tent and marches into the White House!

SEPTEMBER 2016: Must Read Article!

Is the governmental "DEEP STATE" becoming unnerved by the upcoming election? This is freaky!


Trump bringing in David Bossie to build voter turnout. The right man for the right job at the right time! Good choice! Trump KNOWS how to pull in the best people.


Take a look at Illinois as a blue-print for what is to come in America AND those procedures & policies from the Democrats that have, are and will destroy America, state-by-state!

OBAMA is Hillary's "Great Protector"! Hey, wad-dah minute, he is suppose to protect us, right?

George H.W. Bush shows his true colors as a traitorous "Globalist" and manipulator? Says, he will vote for Hillary! Really, he is going to vote for the enabler of a rapist, sexual pervert, a proven liar, a proven fraud.....this is the tip of the iceberg of what is really going on in the Bush family and beyond?

Anti-Trump And Clinton Foundation in bed together! Sorry, it is an ugly sight to imagine....

The Merger-From-Hell? Bayer and Monsanto plan to merge. Something sinister brewing?

Trump unveils his Child Care Program. Very extensive and filled with common-sense for all!

Hillary's foundation scandal just gets worse and worse and worse...

Memo proves Obama's support of and for ISIS. Is it his private "Radical Muslim Terrorist" Army?

Mary Matlin: "Trump has a 100% of winning the White House!

Falling revenues at investment banks has them sweating bullets. NOT GOOD of them!

Obama's tantrum exposes a weak and childish so-called "leader".

Matt Lauer zee "Lob-meister? Flips softball-after-softball to Hillary! What happened to the commitment to being a hard-hitting journalist?

Chris Wallace from Fox News is quickly exposing himself as a socialist, liberal Democrat that supports Hillary and HATES Trump! HAs lost his "Street Cred"!

Black Lives Matter....close London Airport to protest Climate Change and connection to racism. What at these people drinking?

END OF AN ERA: Phyllis Schlafly passes away at 92! Conservative leader, Pro-Life Leader. She will be missed, but her efforts live on! RIP and condolences to her family.

Merkel support in Germany dropping FAST!

Liberals admit on-camera that "everyone hates Hillary!

The FEDS are wasting "good money" to combat online trolls. Why not just ignore them?

World governments prepping for disasters, destruction and a world war to set up a One World Government? These people need to be stopped.

WHAT? Bill Clinton paid for Hillary's "Home Server" set-up with taxpayer money! Treason, fraud, theft, deception....gets worse and worse.

Obama's misplaced anger is, well, TRULY misplaced as he attacks Trump.

FBI swamped with leads!

Orlando suspect BIG Hillary Fan. Hated Trump. Hmmmm.....

Oh, NO! Nancy Pelosi swamped with nasty and dirty phone calls! Must be nice to be so pop-u-lat, eh?

Why is China Hoarding Cash At A Record Pace?

Sherriff Joe standing up for Donald Trump. Interesting perspective....

__________August 2016_____________


George Soros just keeps on proving he is the most despicable and evil human being. Dare we say that HE IS The Anti-Christ? Then, again, what do you expect from a Kazarian Ring Leader.


"Article Of The Month"

Black Civil Rights Leader Backing Trump!

Ba-bye, Hillary!


"Article Of The Decade"

Here is what Obama REALLY wanted to accomplish most while in office. The systematic corruption of today's American, tomorrow and beyond. ALL of these influences need to be ripped out by the roots and destroyed. They are the roots of all evil.


Get ready, get ready, get ready! The Fed, the Central Bankers, International Banks are plotting a MAJOR Shock to tax payers.


Watch this, period!


Say, "Hello, To The Newest Trend"! Trump up 15  + points!

AUGUST 2016: MUST, MUST, MUST READ "Article Of The Month"

Want To See What Lies Ahead For America? Take A Look At Obama's Home State, Illinois.

Frightening Is NOT A Strong Enough Word!


EPA Attempting A MAJOR Land Grab In California! Unbelievable Corruption At Work!


Trump's AMAZING Speech Lays His Heart On The Line!


Trump Lays Out His Foreign Policy Plans!

Baby, This IS A Great List!


Hillary goes on a MAJOR insult rant, including calling jews stupid "K***KS". She is so sweet and kind and loving! Dig this!


So, WHO "really" controls the US (world media). The answer is unsettling.


Are we facing a global economic crisis caused by Obama's inept skills in the nest few months?

AUGUST 2016 Must Read Article:

Hillary and DNC and MSM ALL freaking out over new secret polls showing Trump is crushing Hillary. Their only choice it to try to lie, lie, lie, lie more and more and more.

Obama....get off the golf course and help the people in New Orleans. Oops, forget it....they're white....

Trump gets a "Rock Star" reception in Iowa! Hillary is FADING FAST!

The Central Banks are SCREAMING for AID! Are they poised to crash at any given moment?

Nigel Farage: "Trump IS the New Reagan"!

How to hold on to your money for hundreds and hundreds of years!

Trump calls for an "Immediate Special Prosecutor" to investigate the Clinton Foundation.

No LOVE Between Obama and the Clinton's! Obama SNUBS Bill's Birthday Bash! Their Hate heats up as Hillary just fades and fades as her health gets worse and worse?

Trump Pulling Away From Hillary! Here Numbers Are Sinking Fast! Yeah!

Obama's Legacy: Obamacare is crumbling!

$6.5 TRILLION missing from the Defense Department!!!! Was it Obama's "retirement fund"?  Did it go to Hillary and Bill's "Foundation"? Did it go to the Economic Stabilization Fund? Am I wrong, but could that NOT put a big dent in the debt?

TRUMP: "I am running against the MEDIA and NOT against Hillary.

How do The Globalists intend on controlling populations after a collapse? Here are things to ponder.

UBER due to release "driverless cars"! Are people ready for that? Will they be safe?

OMG! Obama and Michelle are raising drug/thug daughters? Daughter caught smoking


You will have a front-row seat to watch Americans lose their minds, if Hillary and The Globalists win!

Is Israel what it presents itself as to the world?

Hillary's "LEAD" mysteriously disappears! Poof!

US Jobs Numbers are AGAIN, adjusted DOWNWARD! Does Obama and his posse even know what the truth is?

Paul Ryan is a Globalist-loving Congressman who needs to be defeated.

Khizr Kahn is a con-man and set-up as an opportunist at the Democrat Convention. Too dumb to know he is being used? Can it be documented that he carries the USA Constitution in his pocket "daily" before the convention?

____________JULY 2016___________


The central lies being pushed throughout the US Presidential Election and being perpetuated by The Clintons, Obama, The Bushes, the media, the Elite GOP Establishment, corporate globalists and central bankers. These lies can and will bring us to a terrible war. Hillary must be stopped and Trump has to, AND WILL, win the's why....


IRS launches an investigation into the Clinton Foundation "Pay-To-Play" Scheme....!!

JULY 2016: Must Read Article......

Juanita Broaddrick: "Bill Clinton RAPED Me Twice"! Is Hillary Coming To Her Defense? Is Hillary Trying To Protect Women, REALLY?


Did Hillary just have a seizure. VERY disturbing video! What would happen, if she had to pull out because of sickness and is it in America's best interest, at this point in time, to elect a VERY sick and elderly, corrupt person to be president?


The COMPLETE LIST of "Dirty Deeds" Covered In The DNC's EMAILS Used To Corrupt The Media and The Primaries....SHOCKING!


Video Of The Decade!

Watch Donald Trump's Acceptance Speech!

JULY 2016: MUST Must See Video...

Is Obama Preparing A Race War To Be Used To Suspend The Conventions And The Race War, So HE Can Remain In Office As A Dictator?


ISSA: Hillary and Bill Clinton run a criminal enterprise and mob that spans the globe and looks out for and enriches no one but themselves!

Proof that Clinton was in "bed" with the MEDIA is debasing Bernie Sanders and do all they could to stop him! Would he have won?

Obama's "Race War" expanding as "Black Hate Groups" causing trouble all over the USA!

REPORT: More whites killed by police than blacks killed by police. Read this.....

Another Obama "Planned Distraction" & Orchestrated False Flag? 5 cops murdered and ambushed by a group of so-called "Black Lives Matter" snipers. Several policemen were also injured. Oddly, and thankfully, not one by-stander was injured. This "smacks" of a "planned attack".

____________June 2016____________



"Article Of The Century"!!

The United Kingdom votes to leave the European Union. Major development!


"Article Of The Month"

Hillary Clinton caught "red handed" as she uses The Clinton Foundation as her "personal piggy bank" and at-the-ready slush fund. Used her political "positions" to shake-down foreign governments and corporations for favors, cash and profits. For this alone, she should be indicted and jailed.


"Article Of The Month"

The Supreme Court shuts down and blocks Obama immigration plans and policies!


"Article Of The Month"

Medicare and Social Security are running out of funds fast and will be broke in less than 20 years!


"Article Of The Month"

Obama and his administration delete critical info that would have kept 2 major radical muslim terrorist acts from happening and would have saved many, many, many lives?


"Article Of The Month"

CIA director and Obama spew two different and conflicting viewpoints about ISIS & terror. The lying never seems to end?


"Article Of The Month"

Obama TOTALLY loses it on CNN and blasts Trump! Trump must have hit a raw nerve with Obama or is Obama losing his mind?


"Article Of The Month"


Hillary challenges the ACTUAL constitutionality of the 2nd Amendment! BEWARE! If she is elected, she will take away American guns!


"Article Of The Month"

Proof that Obama and his administration is aiding the Muslim Brotherhood to invade the White House and AMERICA!

Obama is humiliated in front of everyone on the planet for his total failures, speeches and efforts to manipulated Brexit! UK citizens were insulted by his posturing!

Hillary living up to her reputation as "Crooked Hillary"! Read On!

Democrats trying to slip Gun Control inside a mental health bill! The deceit never ends!

Russians are going to release Hillary's emails!

Russian hackers hack the DNC website and steal ALL of Trumps opposition research info. Oh, my!

Obama ignores islamic radical terrorism in the Orlando massacre....instead, falls back on his dead-dog-issue.... MORE gun control! OMG!

Active & invisibles microparticles in food can now deliver vaccines, drugs, diseases and more! Patents are pending.

The Bilderberg Elitist are freaking out over populism and nationalism. It is about to get very scary?

Islamic Radical Terrorist who went on a murder rampage at a club in Orlanda, was a closet homosexual. Goodness!

More than 50% of the Clinton Global Initiatives where NEVER completed! So, where did the Clinton's park the money? The thievery practiced by them is appalling!

Rahm Emanuel's CHICAGO the most dangerous city AND the most corrupt AND the MOST BROKE city in the world? We hope he doesn't think he can run for president!

The Democ-rats scattering in every direction to come up solutions to Hillary's and the Democrat party's election problems!

____________May 2016____________

MAY 2016: MUST READ......

"Article Of The Month"

MASSIVE FRAUD uncovered throughout ALL of The Clinton Foundation. Hillary, Bill & Chelsea ALL exposed for their fraudulent global dealings!

MAY 2016: Must Read.....

"Article Of The Month"

Obama Is The TOP PRESIDENT in history for being "at war"!

MAY 2016: MUST READ.....

"Article Of The Month"

The "Mother Of ALL Bubbles" is topping itself off and getting to explode. Only problem is that THIS ONE will engulf the world?

MAY 2016: MUST READ.....

"Article Of The Month"

The Central Bank is going to war against people who save money. It's just part of the growing war against cash!

Paul Ryan needs to be replaced! He is Obama's #1 "Enabler"!

Immigration anarchists cause a violent rally trying to shut down a Trump event!

What is up with the Pope? Has he lost his bearings? Now, he is promoting socialism and a muslim overtake of Europe!

Business inventories are drying up and exposing a clear-and-present recession is upon us?

Federal Judge rules that Obamacare is unconstitutional because re-imbursements have not been approved by Congress.

Now Wall Street is going over "the falls". Look out below?

Trump blasts Hillary for "enabling and supporting" Bill Clinton's sexual predatory escapades!

London finds their "Obama" and elects him. Now, the London buses are praising Allah! Say it isn't so!

John Kasich drops out of the presidential race joining Ted Cruz on the side-lines.

_________April 2016________________


APRIL 2016: MUST READ.....

"Article Of The Month"

Is Now The TimeTo Buy Gold In Advance Of A New Gold-Backed Currency?



"Article Of The Month"

The Global Bubble has BURST! Hang-on tight, here we go......


APRIL 2016: MUST READ.....

"Article Of The Month"

The more corrupt the state is.....the more laws and regulations it creates!



"Article Of The Month"

Behind "closed doors", the GOP is supporting Trump's NATO stance....



"Video Of The Month"

Bill O"Reilly's BEST "Talking Points Monologue" Ever!


The New York presidential elections are a TOTAL display of governmental corruption at work. GOP voting blocked EVERYWHERE!


Obama's undying support of illegal immigrants is leading to death-after-death-after-death of legal Americans. The sorrow caused by Obama's support is not only despicable, it is flat-out evil.


Hillary Clinton admits to blatantly pandering to Black-Americans!


The DOHA is a total farce as Iran walks out of talks!


VERY DANGEROUS signs in the auto industry look worse than 2008!


OMG! Black Americans FINALLY "wake-up" to how Bill & Hillary Clinton did, have been, continue to screw them for profits and votes!

It's about time. The ONLY PROBLEM is Obama is worse they the Clinton's....and Sanders only wants them to breathe so they can vote for him!


Cruz-train out-of-gas in NY. Could it be that he can't win without a group of dishonest "establishment-types" manipulating the process behind closed-doors?


Car Sales are running "out of gas". VERY troubling pattern developing.....


Paul Ryan "angling to push Trump and Cruz out of the way so he can get the nomination! Good luck with that!


_________March 2016 ______________



"Article Of The Month"

The Fed is funding Hillary and Cruz.....but Trump gets "zero". Something is very wrong here?



"Article Of The Month"

Refresher Course: Meet Mitt Romney, AGAIN!



"Article Of The Month"

Introducing, "The Real" Marco Rubio. Experience his unseemly political, financial and sexual history.


The FBI "at Hillary Clinton's doorstep"!


Ted Cruz exposed for numerous "affairs" outside his marriage!


Trump is right. We need to re-evaluate our involvement in NATO.


NEWS ALERT: Hillary Clinton's "LOST EMAILS" have been found! It's a miracle?!?!?!


Janet Yellin: PLEASE...resign!


Arizona Cop says, "I felt comfortable and safe with the Trump crowd......except the anti-Trump agitators was dangerous!


Here is the scenario the keeps the Democrats up all night and day.... NOT GOOD!


Today's Funniest News: Jerry Brown says that he will lead California in building a wall around California if Trump Wins? Is he crazy or just nuts?


Kasich is being funded by George Soros! Reagan must be rolling over in his grave!


Migrants in Sweden are on an "unreal" sexual rampage. Tensions are bubbling over.


Last night's CNN debate was finally civil as Rubio and Cruz turn off the childish attacks on Trump. Trump was clearly the most "presidential man" on the stage. Good job CNN!


LOUD crys for Rubio to leave the race before he gets crushed. Could end his political career if he doesn't?


Bloomberg "quits" the race before entered it. His excuse: Don't want to hand the presidency to Trump. Yeah right, like .............Bloomberg would EVER have a chance!


John Bolton: "Hillary a national security risk." NO KIDDING!


Hillary must be sweating bullets after a judge grants her aide immunity in the email and server scandal. Ohhh, boy, pass the popcorn!



Trump the big winner


IMPORTANT NEWS: New info about the "supposed" suicide of Vince Foster. Proof that he was ordered to be "snuffed out by" The Clintons?


_________FEBRUARY 2016_____________



"Article Of The Month"

Say, "HELLO" to your new president, Donald Trump!



"Article Of The Month"

The outcry for a thorough and deep investigation into Scalia's death get louder and louder!




The death of Supreme Court Judge Antonin Scalia will mean the death of The Constitution!

This is truly frightening.




Hillary & Obama's murder exposed. The MURDER of Bin Laden was planned and orchestrated by Hillary Clinton & Obama.


Hillary Exposed? She says she ".....loves having men at her feet"? There ya go, and the truth shall set you free?


Trump says he might audit The Fed if he is elected. It's about


White House states that MANY jobs will soon be replaced with robots? 


The American Economy is terrible, getting worse and will NEVER GET better!


The call for the banks and The Fed to ban cash and their "War On Cash"...just gets louder and louder. And, "NO", it is NOT in your best interests.


The outcry for a thorough investigation into Scalia's death gets louder and louder and louder! Something is VERY wrong here and it points to "the top".


The central bankers are plotting a cultural Ecopocalypse while people are Twittering and Facebooking and Snapchatting and NOT educating themselves.


The time has come to dump Twitter and "Walk Away", as they have become a tool for the radical-socialist-liberal-left-wing and Democrats!


Hillary in "Dire Need Of Money", so DNC changes the donation rules to help pad her pantsuits and purse.... DISGUSTING!


Hillary does NOT deserve the "black vote". All she and Bill have ever done is take advantage of the blacks who are JUST starting to wake up.


Bureau Of Labor "real" job stats for January 2016: -650,000 jobs lost! NOT the false claim of 150,000 gained!


Japan cancels its 10 year auction for the first time ever due to sub-zero rates! This is NOT good!


Is Microsoft manipulating the vote counting in Iowa FOR Hillary? Heck, the votes have not all been cast and they have already called her as the winner!


World Health Organization sends out stern warning about the ZIKA epidemic!


__________ JANUARY 2016 ____________




What are the ancient building secrets used to build Coral Castle? An amazing story.




US taxpayers are funding 120 private Muslim Charter School with US Tax-Payer Money!


Hillary's email problems "explode"! Where is the INDICTMENT?


Jeb Bush shows his "elitist" roots as he blows thru his election war chest.


The ZIKA virus could become a pandemic quickly!




You MUST SEE this movie before you vote for President in the next election!


Bill Clinton had THOUSANDS of affairs in the White House and Hillary enabled Bill to have them!


FBI probes expand to investigations of possible extensive "corruption charges"!


OMG, WILL IT EVER END!! Now, Obama is thinking of running for the leader of the UN on December 31 of this year! Israel is already pushing back. 8 years of Obama is more than enough than the world can or should have to deal with!


Muslims running wild all over Germany assaulting women, raping them at will and Merkel is doing NOTHING About It. Time for Guttenberg to return and "clean house"?


Pope warns, "End Of Days begin now!" Is WWIII building?


Is Putin's "True Identity" being hidden?


The "Who-What-Where-Why" Obama's Teams & Hillary created ISIS. How they are funded and more.....


The Chinese CRASH has caused a multi-trillion dollar credit crunch!


Trump "rocks the house" at Mississippi campaign event. Blasts the media and "Billary".


__________ DECEMBER 2015 ___________



The Top 2 things that should have you very troubled.


DECEMBER 2015: ARTICLE OF THE MONTH - Junk Bonds "Exploding". MUST READ!



OMG! What the heck is going on? Hillary Clinton secretly funding the Democratic National Committee!


Obama and California will be confiscating our guns after the New Year.


NBC shows its true insanity by now claiming that Bill Clinton's affairs and perversion with Monica Lewinsky is "alleged"!


Washington Post insults Ted Cruz's children and draws them into the race as "fair game".

Maybe it is time to return the favor with going after Hillary's "daughter and grandchildren"?


Hillary gets universally blasted from all sides over her claim that Trump is responsible for jihadist recruitment. Oh, my, she must be VERY, VERY desperate to pull that card out.

Is the fact that Trump is a "male" next?


Lindsey Graham suspends his campaign. Did he ever, ever, ever have a chance?


Obama and his Muslim-friendly "team" admit their policies allowing jihadist to come into the country with the refugees!


Jeff Sessions: " Ryan's Ominbus Bill funds Obama's complete agenda". Ryan betrays America with this traitorous bill?


Obama's SUDDEN "move" will increase real estate taxes!


FLASH BACK: Jimmie Carter banned Iranians from coming into the country during the hostage crisis!


Wisely, Trump calls for a total shutdown of Muslim migration and entry into the US! It's about time?


PROOF: Radical-Muslim loving, Obama, aiding ISIS in transporting oil  into Turkey? Take a look!


Will Smartphones be replaced in 5 years by "Artificial Intelligence?


Why Obama is responsible for the rise of ISIS in the USA AND for EVERY death CAUSED by ISIS and every death caused by illegal immigrants.....


Trump continues to surge, surge, surge!


While the California murderous rampage was still active, Obama's first statement was about taking Americans guns away. America, you've been warned.


While Obama stares at the sky and "does the weather", the USA's Recession DEEPENS!



FLASH NEWS ALERT!! People just don't like NOR trust Hillary Clinton? Really? Yep, really!


__________NOVEMBER 2015___________



Say "Goodbye" to the USA, as it is "no more" and now run by an international panel.


ALERT: IMF approves Chinese Yuan as a Reserve Currency, starting October 1, 2016. That is BIG news. Now, the "real work" for China begins?


A disturbing market chart to ponder.....


Oil price collapse threatens wide-spread social chaos?


It's "Unofficial", WW III HAS begun. When will Obama acknowledge it? Oh yeah, he is still talking about the weather and taking away American's guns.....


Hillary throws Bill "under the bus" for being a rapist and sexual pervert?


ONE of Bill Clinton's rapists blasts Hillary fro supporting and being part of Bill's sexual perversions and never-ending rape of innocent women.


Good news! Trump surges and Ted Cruz is right behind him!


European nations meet to re-instate borders and drop the "border-less" nonsense.


Liberal reporters SHOCKED by Obama's answers given at his Turkey News Conference!


ISIS threatens to attack DC next!!! What's Obama doing about it? Oh, he's talking about the weather. The clock is running out on Obama!


Right after the Paris attack, Obama releases 5 radical Muslims .... what is wrong with this guy?


Quietly, the IMF backs China as a new "Reserve Currency"! How can that be when they manipulate it daily?


Obama's Islamic plan to help take down the West. Sadly, Obama's plan will lead to a massive global war and he knows it. SO, he hides behind "climate change"...


Obama NEVER mentions "Radical Islam". Why is Obama so insane?


Trump & Cruz lead the "conversations" in last night's debate.


Catholics refuse to teach and honor Islam in their schools. Muslims start squealing!


Trump blast Obama's Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal as "Insanity". As, so sweet, the sound of the voice of reason!


Ex-GAO Director exposes Obama's accounting fraud with the REAL debt number actually being over 60 TRILLION!!!


Hillary "orders" a probe on EXXON after they stop donating money to her foundation?


Obama throws Keystone Worker's Union under the bus....then blind-sides them! What a guy!


ObamaTrade hands the US and US Sovereignty over to an International Panel! The USA is NO MORE!


Forensic Profilier: Obama's rage leading to out-of-control behavior is dangerous and "near madness".....


Obama insults the American Armed Services!


___________OCTOBER 2015_____________



Has a well-planned "mass madness" begun to appear in the USA with the rise of "relativism" and the attempts to crush personal freedoms?



Obama in his final push to destroy the USA!


Ted Cruz supporters and cash starting to swell and includes liberals drawn to his commitment to taking the "high road".


And so, it begins. Muslim migrants are disappearing into thin air. Where are they, where it the security and are massing for "action"?


Muslims: Why they will never "mix" with Western Societies. It is like "oil & water". Here is an example of how the animosity starts.


Paul Ryan, Boehner and the GOP rollover and give Obama ALL the money he wants for the next two years!


George Soros is actively being subversive and supporting illegal immigration in Europe to bring it down! Doesn't sound like a legal activity..., eh?


Hillary admits she broke the law at Senate hearing. So, when is she going to be indicted and arrested?


Ted Cruz's fundraising grows and grows as he silently gains steam.


Trey Gowdey says Hillary Clinton constantly during the Benghazi hearings...


LGBT to destroy Christianity by gutting the Religious Restoration Act!


It's Official: Paul Ryan running for Speaker Of The House. Why do things just keep getting worse and worse and worse?


Is Russia on the brink of collapse and slide back into autarky? How dangerous will Putin become in his goal to gain control of ALL of the Middle East oil reserves?


Are illegals and migrants turning Europe into and open toilet and disease-breeding garbage dump? When are they going acknowledge that they are being invaded?


Is Hillary GUILTY of "gross negligence" and of BREAKING the Espionage Laws because of her blatant and conscious disregard of defined processes and procedures when handling SECRET email documents? Moreover, we she skirting the laws because she was trying to hide her corruption in the handling of slush funds in her and Bill's foundation?


Huma Abedin did NOT legally provide her husband, Anthony Weiner's financial situation when applying for her "Special Employee Status"!


Take Heed! Trump warns of economic troubles ahead. 


Gennifer Flowers has "the goods" on Bill & Hillary Clinton in a safety deposit box and she is ready to expose their corruption and "secret lives". Can't wait to see this, eh?


Hillary's run for the White House is collapsing all around her....Joe Biden set to be the Dems "Savior"?


The Fed and World Bank are both frightened of global economic meltdown!


Hillary's emails were vulnerable to hackers!


Hillary "TERRIFIED" of Sarah Palin!


Will illegal aliens provide the voting edge for Hillary to win? Wake up, America!


Dream ticket of Trump/Cruz leading new polls.


Congressional conservatives to have at least 80 members vet the potential candidates for Speaker Of The House.


WW III is shaping up in Syria. Scary comparisons to "Revelations".


___________SEPTEMBER 2015 __________


What To Watch For In September 2015


Article Of The Week: History of Israel


Is the "Real Economy" about to be exposed as it collapses?


Hillary's and her team continues to commit election felonies....


Is there a looming Real Estate Echo Bubble about to burst?


From the "You Gotta Be Kidding Corner".... Bill Clinton blames the GOP & the Media for Hillary's email issues! Right, like they installed and serviced the email servers! Are he and Hillary senile?


John Boehner to leave Congress. but not before he passes ALL of Obama's Programs then he can take a juicy lobbyist job in DC!


Is the Recession beginning?


72% of Americans agree with Trump that the US is not a GREAT as it use to be!


Sarah Palin blasts Obama's love of radical Islam and how it teaches their children when Obama lauds a student's "fake clock".....


Trump rips into media and Obama saying: " It's not my job to defend Obama. He wouldn't defend me"!


Trump INCREASES his lead after the second debate. In full command of the process...


Is Hillary Senile? She can't name a SINGLE accomplishment as Sec of State!!!


GOP hands out FREE CNN debate tickets to the Anti-Trump Crowd!


"Psychopaths (aka the world bankers) are running the world".


Hillary and her staffers committing MORE felonies with "Ask for forgiveness instead of permission" approach? How can they come off so "smart" then try and act so "dumb"?


Clinton Foundation a huge and vast criminal enterprise sucking in money from around the globe....


Is Obama setting up Hillary's "Bench" in the middle of the "Bus Lane"?


China's Monetary Supports Continue To Weaken....


This should truly shake you up! Muslims using blacks, like the Dems have used them for a LONG time, to begin US government take-over.

Pay attention America, this is going to happen real fast....


We now have 94,000,000,000 people who are NOT participating in the job market!


Welfare "entitlement" mob screams for death of police in Wisconsin!


Hillary breaks the law. Writes classified emails

via her "private" server. Indictments to come soon?


____________ AUGUST 2015 ____________


Goldman Sachs spolights a MOST troubling trend......


BLACK MONDAY waiting to "Open"?


Is Obama responsible for "open season" on the police?


COMEDY CORNER: Kanye West to run for president in 2020! What fun!


Global Central Banks stockpile 246 MORE tons of gold....


Texas Deputy Sheriff in Houston gunned down and executed from behind by black murderer!


WSJ going "thumbs-up" for Trump...


Disgusted investors are pulling their funds....


46% think Hillary should suspend her run> Hmmm, that is NOT good, eh?


Cruz's star is rising fast and shining bright... 


What is the Fed's next move?


Times Square becoming more and more sleazy!


Christians are being slaughtered, raped and sold into sex slavery and still Obama does nothing!! What if it was his daughters?


Oil prices crumble to 30 year low!


Hillary's inability to tell the truth expands wider & wider....


What happens when the BIG Solar Flare hits earth?


China backing away from the SDR currency basket....


The GIANT CERN collider has begun to spin in Switzerland...looking to open up a time-space window!


Planned Parenthood cutting thru babies' faces to extract brains.... (sickening)....


Chinese explosion an act of war?


Scott Walker goes after Congress's inaction....


The FED on VERY thin ice. Could not stand another crisis...


Economic clock "one minute from midnight melt-down"....


China's present and looming situation is NOT pretty...


Trump: "I expect to face-off against Biden in general election..."


Alarming economic indicators growing and growing....


Surprise! Obamacare sets the table for MASSIVE governmental fraud! What happened to... "It will not add a dime to the debt"? Was Obama drunk or lying?


Ben Carson "nails" Planned Parenthood and re-exposes its Margaret Sanger roots....


Trump sends out serious warning of the Chinese Yuan's devaluation!


China blindsides markets with Yuan devaluation....


US jobs participation collapses. Now, at a 38 year low! Thanks, Obama!


Fed Hike will ignite a deep Recession...


Obama "desperate" to get Iran nuke deal done. Compares GOP to Iran's "Hard Liners"!


Corruption has and continues to destroy America!


Obama's Antisemitic Roots Exposed!


GOP keeps Planned Parenthood and the Abortion Train rolling....


The "Dreamers" strike again!


Hang on, Betty, Social Security is fading fast, REAL fast!


Get Ready! Rate-hike jolt predicted from the FED.


Congress: "We need to cut the interest rate (6%!) to member banks of the Fed". Why not just close the Fed and be done with them?


Obamacare STEALS another $2.4 billion from tax payers!


Will Obama break the law and push Congress aside if they DON'T pass the Iran Nuke deal?


Tremble time? Now B-movie actors threaten those who won't support Nuke Deal. Please.....


Will Obama break the law (again), bypass the Constitution and run for a 3rd term?


Huckabee blasts the Iran Nuke "deal". Says it will lead Israel to the "ovens'....


China "Crashes" under the weight of a historic "Sell-off"....


Obama will be known as "America's Great Destroyer"?


Obama whines to the BBC about not being able to take American's guns!


Trump lands in Texas and makes a BIG splash with his boots on.....


Obama and Kerry blasted for "JV" Iran nuke deal!


Amazon Excels! Zooms past Wal-Mart....


Hillary's "Numbers" are going down the drain...


APPLE "falling from the trees". Stock drops..


Obama pushes the UN approval of the Iran Nuke deal before Congress while Iran insults the US over-and-over.... Obama's agenda?


Transgendered media anchor threatens Breitbart's Ben Shapiro with violence!


Unions drive A&P, America's 1st Supermarket, into BK!


Obama wants to take away Senior Citizen's guns! Everyday ... it's something NEW!


Is Israel ready to set-up "The Third Temple"?


Geniuses share the "Secrets Of The Universe"!


Empire State Building all "Lit-up" for Muslim Holiday! Really?


George Washington, "A man protected by Divine Providence". We need him today!


Did Gay Marriage Ruling Inspire Killings in TN?

Is Homosexuality "Islam's Dirty Little Secret"?


Kagan & Ginsburg broke the law with gay marriage ruling...


New York Times BOWS DOWN to Ted Cruz!


Fed Stumbles & Unemployment Tumbles...


Obama & Hillary give Israel the "One-Finger Salute"!


Great News! Hillary is sliding downhill because no one "trusts" her. Couldn't happen to a more worthy person? Proof that Americans are waking up....


Scott Walker makes an impressive entrance into the race for POTUS!


Proof that Hillary has some serious issues with her mental capacity to be the POTUS!


Netanyahu exposes Obama's desire to empower Iran with WMD!


New "Shemitah of all Shemitah's" just  days away?


Germany wacks Greece and Iran wacks America....what is going on here?


Award-winning songwriter, Michael Masser, passes away. He was one of the "Greats"!


Has Capitalism been exposed as Economic Facism?


Hillary's lack of acknowledging the truth causes Lanny Davis is hang-up during CNN interview. This is BIG news....


Rubio "disappearing act", in real life and in the polls. Is his bid for POTUS drying up?


MUST SEE DEBATE! Trump vs Rubio in Vegas on Saturday. Be there or be square! 


Oh-oh! Car sales sliding downhill?


Bill Cosby finally exposed for the criminal that he is and has been?


NYSE proves the Polish proverb: "Man who cuts chord quickly loses power".


Obama continues to weaken America's army the he despises?


SEIU and other unions come out of the closet as communists!


Time to give DC residents FREE tickets to the country of their choice to live in? 


Trump continues to lead all the discussions, which is what a "real leader" is supposed to do!


Is the EU surrounded, cornered and destined to re-group to 10 countries? 


Why does Obama continue to lie and pump-up his employment numbers? Caught lying, AGAIN!


Devastating employment numbers continue to be manipulated by The Obama Squad?


Increasing numbers of Americans want to ignore slanted federal judgements vs. Individuals and states?


Proof "money", per se, is truly an abstract...


We HATE when this happens! Arrrgh......


Scott Walker to announce on July 13. Let the debates begin.....


Pay attention! Mega-Shemitah on the horizon...


Is IRS lawyer, Kate Duval, trying to legalize treason?


Spiritual Dangers facing families.....


Chris Christie launches his POTUS campaign. "Straight Shooter" has a big hill to climb?


The Greeks will soon be lining-up for their "haircuts"......


It is time for the GOP to stop trying to elect soft, bland moderates as POTUS?


Ex-Senator insists it is time to take action against DC corruption....


Time for economic structural reform?


Ted Cruz challenges the stance that the GOP needs to nominate a Governor for POTUS....


KC Grateful Dead show attracts a beautiful "rainbow" during show.....


Judge Roberts fights with Obama to wear the "King Of America" crown.....


Gov. Scott Walker fights back against ruling. Defends "States Rights"......


China starting to shake and shimmy.....?


Hillary fading fast as Bernie rises to the top....


Univision and Fraud within the Clinton Foundation......


Kansas judge bans "Dismemberment Abortion"...


Welcome Home! Get your "Rent-A-Tent"....


Ben Carson on the rise.....


America reacts to "Gay Day" ! Will it become a National Holiday?


Army Lt trashes "Political Correctness! Great!


Does Hillary have "Mental Capacity" issues?


"Goodbye" to The Jefferson Memorial?


Is Hillary starting to "sweat"?


Hillary, The "Queen of Deceit"?


What is your "money worth?


Supreme Court Judge trashes Obamacare....


Time to IMPEACH members of the SCOTUS?


Goldman warns about Obamacare!


Something fishy! Judge Roberts blasts his own court....


Greece has "Money To Burn"?


Ted Cruz blasts "Elitist" SCOTUS.......



___________JUNE 2017_______________ 


NOT SO FUNNY! Comedian shows the sick psyche of liberal agendas!

How THE FED is KILLING PERSONAL SAVINGS....and funding the banks and elites! 


Former DNC Data Director slams Hillary's demented "bullshit rants"!



__________MAY 2017_________________


TRULY SICK! Punk, Mark Zuckerberg, is now promoting his delusions of grandeur, where "HIS" agenda rules us all. Between he and Bezos, we have quite a pair of leftist-monkies trying to use their propaganda to control "reality" with their propaganda.


Boy, of, boy did America "dodge a bullet", or what? Thank God evil and crooked Hillary Clinton lost the election. Check out her, yet her LATEST..."Poor Loser Speech". She is a sick, sick person.


The AP becoming a MAJOR SOURCE of FAKE NEWS.....has to retract a VERY NASTY story filled with lies, deception and slander!


UNBELEIVEABLE: Robert Mueller, ex-FBI Director, selected to be the Special Counsol in Russia Probe! Why are we wasting time in this nonsense?


Seth Rich fed documents incriminating the Dems to WikiLeaks....then he was murdered.


Ace Reporter shocked that the FBI won't investigate the EMAIL HACKING scandal instead of dancing with "fake news"!


Back to the main event......Obama's sick past of gay sex, drugs, fraud....the whole basket of evil tricks....


JIm Comey fired as head of the FBI. So? What were you expecting? Good job, President Trump. We need new people in those high offices....


The world "DIVIDES" just keep on widening.

Good vs Evil?


Hillary just keeps on thing why she lost the election. Maybe Trump just ran a better campaign?


TEAM HILLARY hatched the whole Russian hacking story HOURS after her loss. Read on...


__________ APRIL 2017 ______________

Bill O'Reilly forced off go Fox News!


AG Sessions warns "Sanctuary Cities & States"


Judge Gorsuch FINALLY confirmed for the Supreme Court! Dems destroy their future!


Congress just sold us all "out". Here's how to protect yourselves.... 


God Help us! Santa is in a homosexual & interracial relationship in new Left Wing book.  


Air Force punishes Christian soldier even though he was cleared of wrong-doing!


​​__________MARCH 2017_______________


Trump To The Rescue! Adds tweaks that help to get the Conservatives' approval!



Paul Ryan is a despicable, self-serving traitor who does not care one bit about the American People. He admits he does NOT want to work with President Trump, nor will he EVER work with him....ever! What a total traitor to his office, his duties and to the American People!


Trump stepping in to help save and guide the Obamacare replacement plan.... 



Soilid and publically available information surfaces proving that Obama and his administration was actively and purposely involved in tapping and using police-state tactics to compromise Trump, his election and his administration! This is TREASON at the HIGHEST LEVEL!


The Democrats' Agenda against AG Jeff Sessions exposed........


Obama blocked and hid all kinds of Voter-Fraud Info!


Obama smack dab in the middle of the worst presidential criminal crime ever! Belongs in jail?


If wire-tapping accusations are true, this is the biggest story since Watergate and will destroy Obama once and for all.


AMAZING TREASON? Loretta Lynch calls for "MORE protests, more death and more blood in the streets"! Have the Canaanites begun to show their true faces?


The GREATEST Start of any "Modern President".....Ladies & Gentlemen, President Donald Trump!


Jeff Sessions begins heavy-duty investigation into the unlawful leaks! Is TEAM OBAMA & The Deep State behind it all?


Trump accuses Obama of wire-tapping his phone during the elections. If true, Obama is going to go to jail? Constitutional crisis heating up?


Obama-Loyalists DANGEROUS AGENDA: Politicizing Intelligence!


_________ FEBRUARY 2017 ____________


PIZZA! PIZZA! PIZZA! The ovens are heating up to cook the Clintons, Obama, Brennen, Clapper, Podesta and many, many other involved in unimaginable, sick, evil behavior?


MUST READ! MUST READ! The Soros-Backed Clintons are and have left a path of murder and death in their path of people who could expose them for their diabolical agenda!


Prison Time Waits! The national security agenda to expose people at the highest level trying to hurt Trump's agenda and administration!


Yes, Yes, Yes! Is Obama and his old administration and new subversive political organizing group behind all the LEAKS from Trump's administration?


DEEP STATE NEWS: New "minutes" about the Deep State's (OBAMA) desire to crush Trump!


NEWS ALERT: Shia-Loving Muslim Woman was the organizer of the Washington,  DC Woman's March. How could American Women be so gullible?


White House uncovers MASSIVE Clinton/Democrat Voter Fraud during last election!


Why is WW III being prepped in Europe!


MAJOR NEWS FLASH! Congress appoves Betsy Devos as the new head of American Education! Fabulous news! Now Americans can look forward to the destruction of Socialist-Left-Wing teaching programs in schools!


Judge's block of the immigration ban based on a BIG FAT LEFT-WING LIE!


What kinds of peaks and valleys await us and the world in 2017? Are we at the edge of a real cliff-hanger?


Was "super Bowl LI" the best ever? Is Brady the best quarterback ever? Yes, yes, yes, and yes....!


Say "Hello" to The Frankfurt School! Most people don't know they exist and their history.


"Hitler-this-Hitler-that..." The left-wingers run him up the flagpole of insults anytime they run out of venom. Have they over-played the Hitler Card?


The Distressing Tale of the mass murder of millions of Christians and destruction of their churches.


"Climate Control's Agenda" is finally exposed as the commitment to destroy capitalism and growth of global individual rights.


Ex-Obama official calls out for a military coup to remove Trump from office. That is a call for treason and she needs to be arrested and tried for subversion and inciting anarchy!


Trump promises to defend faith-based religious values in the US....


_________JANUARY 2017____________


Trump vows to help Christian immigrates to get fair treatment. Under Obama....they were NOT helped and shunned!


Can Muslims actually exist and contribute anything to Western Civilization and the USA? Why don't they just go back to their lands and build societies that are the envy of the world?




The distressing YIN & Yang going on in the world! Is it not time for people to calm down and listen and learn?


CAIR, the national terror-supported political lobbying group, is using its access to American freedoms to support, sponsor and instigate marches and chaos over the new immigration rules BECAUSE it blocks them from bringing more terrorists into the country! Time we expose these traitors and send them packing.


Today's History Lesson: MUST READ.....

Say "Hello" to a true Hell-storm bubbling in the "Devil's Cauldron". 


Trump signs the plans to begin the southern border wall. To begin ASAP. Plans being worked on NOW!


Why are WOMEN marching globally to stop the vile and sickening rape by migrants happening everywhere? Why, eh, ladies, why?


Americans REALLY need to wake-up and be on their toes.....trouble is abounding!


Kellyanne Conway vaporizes Chuck Todd on LIVE TV! MUST SEE TV!


The Truth About Planned Parenthood: The do not offer pre-natal healthcare services?!


Trump signs orders for review of immigration procedures effective NOW!


Trump stands his ground and declares independence and a commitment to his campaign promises against a back-drop of left-winged social & political insanity. Really, the left-wing has become un-glued and un-hinged.


This Week's Winner of "The Most Insane Person On Planet Earth" is.....Ashley Judd. She is in a class unto herself and takes socio-political commentary to a vile and disgusting new low.


Media is so out-of-touch with reality that they can't even report Trump's inauguration honestly and correctly. The White House fires back.



Trump's speech at the Lincoln Memorial as he prepares to become the 46th president of the United States of America.


Trump to sign 4 or 5 Executive actions on "Day One". Warming up that pen, folks!


GALLUP releases Obama's "Final Grade" from the public. Surprise, it is MINUS (-) NINE!


UP in the sky! It's a bird?. It's a plane? NOPE, it is the Socialist-Commie-Progressive Democrat Party crashing on the rocks!


Hillary is "Going Crazy & Losing Her Mind"!

Here is a little bit of proof....and we won't mention that she lost the race to the WH a record THREE TIMES!


NO, the banks are NOT going broke....they are ALEADY BROKE! Watch your cash, folks.


Bye, Bye OBAMACARE! Congress votes to repeal Obama's, Reid's, Pelosi's, Durbin's....and the rest of the Evil Cabal's illegal act. Winning is so-o-o-o sweet!


Say, "HELLO" to our LITTLE friend: MASSIVE DEBT! Thanks, Obama!


So, WHO has actually interfered with more elections than anyone...ever?


Who will Trump pick to lead The Fed?


This Story NEVER ENDS: Even more info that Obama's Birth Certificate is a total fake! Will Trump open and investigation that proves it and will THAT totally destroy Obama's legacy? Will Obama "PARDON" himself over this?


Trump blasts LYING (aka fake news) MEDIA: "I know nothing about nor having anything to do with Russia and the past election.


MUST SEE: Mel Gibson & Vince Vaughn react to Meryl Streep's anti-Trump rant! Oh my, maybe Mel's been right all along about Hollywood!




Holy Crap! Obama "Steals" another $300 MILLION  from Americans in-need and sends it to Kenya! Stunning anti-American actions!


OBAMA'S Chicago: "The VERY WORST it has ever been! No wonder Obama won't go back there when he leaves the White House!


Tim Cook from Apple has his salary cut from lack of performance.....Apple needs a great engineer who is also a creative artist running it. Surely, Apple can dive in and someone in the iCloud group who can fill the bill.


Here is the "Secret Sauce" for creating a stable society? VERY INTERESTING. MUST READ!


Most Americans did NOT vote for Hillary. The

narrative has been smashed! Thank God!


_________DECEMBER 2016__________

Top-Global Media Specialist blasts main-stream-media as "Corrupt Scum". No kidding!


MUST SEE: Trump & Family get a standing ovation at Christmas Service!

What was the response to Obama at church?


Obama's Contempt Continues with the signing of the Dis-Information-Propaganda Act which release "Big Brother" on America to a sinister new level. Freaky bad! THIS will be his legacy?



Cops are under attack and crime is soaring!



SNOPES CEO exposed for the lying, cheating, sicko, liberal pervert that he truly is! Take a good look at this....this is the true under-belly of so many demented liberal-socialist-Democrats....


Trump promises a MAJOR Immigration Offensive in his first 100 days. Yeah!


Putin blames NATO for the assassination of the Russian ambassador in Turkey!


Obama SCHEMES to hamper Trump's energy plans. 


AG Loretta Lynch "Takes The 5th When Questioned....OMG!


Trump: "I was 100% about the Muslim problem!" And he was....


Awww, poor, poor Ex-Sen. Barbara Boxer.....totally destroyed by Trump's resounding victory! Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha....!


It's "OFFICIAL" again....Trump and Pence elected as POTUS and VPOTUS!


Are we witnessing the stunningly beautiful downfall of Billy D. Blasio.....mayor of New York...for how much longer. T'would be a thing of beauty....


Judge Jeanine ABSOLUTELY Destroys Michelle Obama's Whining and Moaning About Now Being "Hopeless". Well, Michelle, THAT is how Americans have felt the last 8 years! Join the club!


Hillary's "Rock 'n Roll Holiday Party....Like a WAKE with a band!" That's cool! That's what we will miss!


Trump picks a GREAT MAN to fill Judge Scalia's vacant seat on the SCOTUS!



November "housing starts" stall-BIG TIME!

Thanks, Obama!


The Key To A Good Life? A Good Marriage!


Is it time to sell your bonds, folks?


Is the "Ring Of Fire" building up to release catastrophic earthquakes!


Trump Train Keeps On Rolling, Baby!

Picks Rex Tillerson as Sec of State. Great choice, Mr. T!


As EXPECTED! The Republicans line-up and are ready to show they are really Democrats and attack Trumps agenda.


"Total B.S." Russian Election "HACK" Story a total fraud and just further insight into the depth of contempt The Liberal Democrats have for America and the WILL OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. These people need to be removed from office ASAP!


Obama spending OUR MONEY, $100+ MILLION, like a "drunken sailor" on Muslim immigrants!  What about helping Americans who are already here with that money? Is this not bringing treachery down on his own people who are American citizens and in need of help?


China announces a chilling "Fake News" Warning...... Yeah, yeah, yeah.


Oh, Joy, Joy, Joy! The Dems find their "White Knight" for's, ah, ah, ah....80 year-old loser, Uncle Joe Biden! This is a "bust-your-gut" funny idea........ha ha ha ha ha ha!


Has the election of Pelosi and Schumer exposed the left's dried-up, rudderless and broken agenda that has doubled-down on a path that leads to civil war in the US?

_________NOVEMBER 2016__________
_________OCTOBER 2016__________


The collapse of Obamacare could lead to riots in the US?


Unbelievable! 650,000 emails from Hillary and Huma on...ahem...archived on Anthony Weiner's laptop! OMG! They deserve to be arrested?


DOJ blocked the investigation into the Clinton Foundation!


Just in..... FBI has announced it is re-opening Hillary's email case because of the flood of new emails that show she lied, has broken the law and is and has deceived the FBI, Congress and ALL AMERICANS! She needs to be arrested and indicted?


Must SEE VIDEO Before You Vote!

Trump lays out his "Contract With America"!

Profound, powerful, thoughtful, honest and dedicated to EVERY American....and "Making America Great Again"...for everyone!


You Are Being Duped!
You Are Being Lied To!
Vote Trump - Pence!




Say "HELLO" To "The Smoking Gun"!

Obama in cahoots with Hillary, Cheryl Mills and John Podesta! Why are these people still walking around free!


Hillary's, Podesta's, Obama's and The Dems fueling their thugs to attack Trump followers!

MUST READ! Be READY...."They" are easy for you!


FACEBOOK owns your Face? Better check this out!


Obamacare is collapsing as rates soar and soar and soar! Obama, but you said premiums would not go up "one dime"!!!



The media is executing a Coup D'etat on the American People for Hillary! Get off the couches America, take your heads out of your phones and help to take back and protect America! READ is dumbing!



CUBS BREAK THE CURSE! Cubs beat LA Dodgers to take the National League Title for the first time in 71 years! THAT IS TODAY'S "Good News"!

Beware of the fake Main-Stream Media fake Poll Data. The Main Stream Media's data is phony...




JOHN PODESTA: Re-defining "The Great American Traitor and Political Criminal"?


"Video Of The Month"

Think Trump was crude, then you MUST see this video of Obama taking "CRUDE" to an NEW LEVEL!


FLASH! Obama's economy is collapsing as unemployment surges and employment dries up. Here comes Obama's Legacy of the upcoming, "Obama's Great Depression"!



MIke Pence totally destroys and humiliates Tim Kaine and Hillary in the VP Debate! Trump picked the right person.



You, MUST, MUST, MUST watch the Vice-Presidential Debate Tonight!! DO NOT MISS IT! It will be a HUGE "Game-Changer" and show what a shill-joke Tim Kaine is! We do NOT WANT him to be one-stroke away from being president! WATCH IT TONIGHT!


What is up with our beloved FBI? What are they favoring Hillary? Why are they granting immunity and then destroying "state's evidence" aka computers used by Hillary's aides. This is NOT good! Come on, Mr Comey!




Chinese currency "quietly" becomes a reserve currency with no "fanfare".


40 Million Russians Prepare For Nuclear War!


Virginia Voters Swing STRONG to Trump! Reject Obama's "Brilliant" TTP Plan!


​​_________September 2016__________



Obama doing his best to give away the Internet. We have three days to save it or it is gone for good. Wake Up America! Get on the phones, NOW!


FLASH NEWS! Devastating loss and embarrassment as Congress overrides Obama as his veto of a bill to allow Americans to sue the Saudis for the involvement in 9/11! This is a HUGE decision. The beginning of the end for Obama?


NEWS FLASH! VIP! The Fed is being investigated for its ties to Hillary and Bill Clinton! Janet Yellen is enraged! 




The Second Amendment under attack right now and our rights could be taken away!


Bill AND Hillary's "Sex Proven Sex Accusers" could fill a whole debate hall!



Trump only one state away from winning the presidency. So, GO AND VOTE FOR HIM and help slam the door shut on Obama/Clinton Socialism!



Charlotte, NC....under fire from protesters after black cop kills a black man. Why do black citizens see these events as a reason to break the law and make matters worse? Don't worry, we get it...



Trump taking control of the Ohio ground forces from Kasich. Ohhh, that's gotta hurt, eh, John?



Obama's traitorous and insulting Globalist UN speech slams American Nationalism, Populism and Patriotism. His true "colors" just get bolder and bolder as he gets more desperate. It is going to be a great, great day when he is OUT of the White House!


Blacks Are Turning To Trump In LARGE Numbers!



And so, "IT BEGINS", as the desperate left-wingers start the bombings, the false flags, the random killings, ISIS-Unleashed-In-America to try and up-end the election and stop Trump! We, the people, must rise up and fight back!


No "Debate Letdown"! Trump is during everywhere while Hillary sinks. Seems like the more she shows her face the worse it gets for her. Put a fork in it, she's "done"?



"Happy 229th Birthday!" As it hangs by a thread...


SEPTEMBER 2016: Must Read Article:

Trump has a very wide and diverse base of support that covers Americans from ALL walks of life. This is VERY Profound!


SEPTEMBER 2016: Must Read Article

Pence: "Trump is totally consistent on his stance and plans for immigration!


SEPTEMBER 2016: Must READ & WATCH Event!

Trump delivers a sizzling speech about his foreign policy plans! Looks totally presidential and in control. Americans applaud his plan, even the democrats are awed. Hillary totally flustered and has nothing to talk about except bad-mouthing Trump!



Obama dedicated to stealing Internet control from America and giving it to international globalists!



Trump give best speech about immigrations in over 50 years! You want specifics, Chris Wallace? Watch this!




Oh, oh! The auto industry sales numbers crash, BIG TIME! Outlook for the future and 2017 is dim. Hmmmm......



Now the BIG retailers want a "Bail-Out"!


SEPTEMBER 2016: Must Watch

Think you are tough and know what end is up? Buckle up and watch The Exchange Stabilization Fund  in action.


SOROS: The immigration crisis is NORMAL and won't hurt anybody! (Except, maybe your sons and daughters and any Christians you might know.....)


Soros is Hillary's "Puppetmaster". Time to shut that traitor down? Heck, shut them BOTH down.


Nausea Alert:

What a happy family! Soros, the Clintons, Tim Kaine, Micky Mouse....reality TV at its worst?


NEWS ALERT: Obama heads "The Fifth Column" in the USA!!!


WAIT! You mean the migrants aim to do us harm, steal our lives, destroy our dreams? Since when?



All the major tech companies are trying to upend Trump! So, how do we pay them back....?


Why is the US government hiding the skeleton of "The Giant Of Kandahar"?


NEWS ALERT: Hillary's emails prove the her foundation was asking the Department of State for "special favors". Ahhh, what country do we live in?


9/19/16 UPDATE: Trump SURGING across-the-country! The left-wing and globalists must be worried, worried, worried.


Trump's money policies make such sense they are scaring the Be-Jee-zus of the Hillary and the GOP. 



Read on, read on....


Trump surges forward in Florida and all over the US. Hillary holds no "women advantage" over Trump. VERY interesting!


Ooooh look! A Democrat with his/her head in the sand! That's odd!


Plot, plot, plot.....GOP Traitors plot against Trump! Say, it ain't so, Alice!


Did CNN just have a "network fart"?


Preparations are underway to begin building the Third Temple in Jerusalem.


New letters question Obama's "Family Story". Try as we may, this story is still a very lumpy rug!


Homeland Security floats gun confiscation because of "security issues".


One Trillion Auto Loan BUBBLE is ready to burst. This is, ahhh, very troubling to the middle class and economy in general.


Mike Pence the perfect YIN to Trump's YANG!


Hillary's War Policy: Beware, TOTAL disaster ahead!


Reuters cuts off Trump event's broadcast! Another example of media censorship and blatant manipulation. Despicable, to say the least!


Baton Rouge: Cops Down...revisited.


Next Crash will look like Mad Max?


Say, "HELLO", America ... to ...

President Donald J. Trump!!!​​


Gettysburg "rocks" are cursed and should be left where they are. Spooky story, indeed.


Obama's team engage in a verbal battle with the Chinese at a Chinese airport! Clearly, the Chinese do NOT respect Obama? Hmm. What is next for the G-20 meeting?


Should Christians stop supporting Israel?


John Kerry: Is there a weaker Sec of State in recent history? "Can't stop events like Nice!"


Duh! Right-wingers are MUCH MORE sexually satisfied! Could it be that they they actually know how to have normal sex?


Diddy BLASTS Hillary for assuming that blacks are going to lock-step and vote for her failed and corrupt policies! IS he backing Trump?


Did Erdogan stage a coup? Smells like one, eh?


A "Letter From Beyond". You haven't forgotten about "The Beyond"?


Update about Chemtrails.....this stuff just never goes away.....considering all the weird diseases happening.....


So, let's talk "Hillary"...which leads to...let's talk about "Crazy"!


US Wages dropping like a at $8.35 an hour BEFORE taxes!


Here go the German Banks, again, Teetering...


Tim Kaine: "I feel I've been kidnapped by The Clinton's!' Yeah, well, you are NOT alone, dude!


Ohhh, no, is CENTCOM putting lipstick on Obama's pig warriors, ISIS!?


FOR SALE: Influential BIG government's State Department! Give us a jingle....


Covered by email troubles and health issues, Hil-a-r-ious....goes after Trump. No, we are not kidding!


​​​​__________August 2016_____________




Obama ponders turning over the "election security" to Homeland Security! The FIX IS IN and more! Why? Because they KNOW Hillary is going to lose!



"Article Of The Decade"

Obama's GREAT SIN! The Corruption Of America's Youth! His Mental Abuse Of Our Children! He's Planted The Seeds Of Destruction Of Our Country, Our Morals & Our Dreams For A Better Future!



Truly a "MUST READ" article that is historical, very disturbing and empowering about the true antics used to set up Russia as the "bad guy". This will change your perspective of reality.


Hate to have to remind ANYONE, but the weight of Obamacare is crushing and bankrupting America's Middle Class. If Hillary were to win, the economy would collapse into a virtual bloodbath with Hillary as "Our Queen".



Obama exposes his aloof-arrogant-punky side and his true contempt for Americans-in-need, the Middle Class and dare we say, white americans?



Obama Keeps Breaking The Law! Stealing Money From Us? Padding His "Friends' Pockets" Loading Up His Retirement Plan?

Is He Running A Criminal Venture? Daahhh!



As Hillary's Health Deteriorates, This Speech By Trump Will Sink Her Run For POTUS. Does She ACTUALLY Think She Could Debate Trump And Not Come Off As A Weak, Dried-Up, Feeble, Grasping, "Has-Been" Ready To Be Pushed Aside?



Trump's Speech About ISIS Echoes Reagan.

A Truly Great Speech. Watch it now!



WARNING: China IS Hoarding Cash At A Record Pace!



Meet "The Exchange Stabilization Fund"! These people run the world's finances and PERHAPS the world itself.



AUGUST 2015: Must See Video....

AP Reporter RIPS into State Department 
"So Called" Spokesperson. Why can't they tell the truth? Hell waits for her....?



Social Media Patterns show that the main-stream media is ALL wrong (imagine that!) and that Trump is heading towards a LANDSLIDE Victory!



Trump's economic plan will be a boon to America's economy!


WOW! WOW! WOW! New HEAD Of The Black Panther Party: "Trump totally right about the abuses of the Democrat Party's long-running abuses of black Americans" 


WOW! WOW! WOW! WOW! "Black Men For Bernie" are now supporting Trump. Hopefully, it is a sign that Black America has awakened to the fact that the Democrats have been using them! Time to pay Hillary and the Dems BACK!


Thin-skinned Obama whines at Trump over so-called taunts.


The US housing market is TANKING at an unheard-of pace. Scary.


Are we at the beginning stages of a bionics revolution in human development?


Is Fluoride in the water causing dramatic rise is diabetes? Oh, my!


Another sign that Trump is going to win! President of Mexico says he will meet with Trump, BUT NOT about "The Wall". What are they going to talk about then.....Margarita Mixes?


Top economist blasts Obama's economic policies as "5 recessions rolled into one!"

No kidding!


SOROS under attack! Hackers declare war on the man who wants to take America down!

It is about time!


Turkey "legalizes" sex with children! WHAT?!


Obama sends pallets of millions and millions and millions of dollars to his BUDDIES in Iran, while Americans struggle! What an......


OBAMA'S SCAM-OF-SCAMS! His "jobs numbers" phonier than an 8-dollar bill!!


HEY, Obama, Wait-A-Minute! Obama just gave Iran $400,000,000.00 dollars for WHAT?

That is OUR MONEY and we need it here in the USA!


We are in the weakest recovery since 1949! Thanks Obama and Biden!


Awww, poor baby, Obama. He is tired of talking about Trump? News Flash, bud, Trump is JUST getting started...


___________July 2016______________



DO NOT MISS, "Hillary's America". It will awaken America's to the "Greatest Looming Con-Job EVER" perpetrated on the American People. IMPERATIVE that you see this stunning movie!!!



"Article Of The Month"

WIKILEAKS drops thousands of email exposing the depth of corruption coming from Hillary Clinton's team and direct connection with the mainstream media's concerted effort to lie and defraud the American People!



WAKE UP AMERICA! The "Progressive Revolution" has been prepped for 60 years and right NOW it is being staged. We must stop it, period. That means stopping Obama and The Clintons, today!



PROOF! Hillary committed perjury before Congress. Proof is embedded in the FBI report that "let her off the hook". Why is she not being arrested?



AMAZING CORRUPTION! FBI head, Jim Comey, says Hillary was NOT sworn-in OR recorded during her 3 1/2 meeting about her email changes and documented "gross negligence"!!!


Trump and Pence rip into the DNC and Liberal MSM for claiming that Trump is somehow behind the Russian email hack of the DNC's email servers! Ahhh, seems that Debbie Wasserman Schultz has been found "guilty" of allowing this to happen already when she was forced to leave the DNC Chair post, eh?


Donald Trump leads Hillary 47%-to-40%!!!


Deutsche Bank profits collapse! This will have VERY SERIOUS global consequences, folks!


Ba-Bye Debbie! Head of DNC not being allowed to speak at Dem Convention because of Wikileaks Scandal!


Update: Judicial Watch wants to put Hillary under oath to question her about email scandal. They are awaiting running from the court.


Hillary's "No Guilty" verdict has serious national and global undercurrents and ramifications.


Meanwhile, the State Department will begin an investigation into Hillary's email crime spree. Why is NO ONE asking her, "Why does someone like you, Hillary, who professes to know "nothing" about technology, need MULTIPLE SERVERS in the first place?


___________June 2016_____________



"Article Of The CENTURY".....

Benghazi report PROVES that Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama lied and manipulated the whole Benghazi event for political and personal purposes....



"Article Of The Month"...

Greenspan says, "This is the worst I have ever seen the economies!"



"Article Of The Month"....

Donald Trump's full-frontal speech attacks and destroys "Crooked Hillary". Gets praise from the all sides of the media.



"Article Of The Month".....

Blackwater Leader: "Hillary and Obama worked together to create ISIS for "their personal gain"!



"Article Of The Month"....

Hillary and Bill take MILLIONS & MILLIONS & MILLIONS from Arab countries to "service their needs" over the needs and concerns of America!



"Article Of The Month".....

SO, do you to know what is really going on and what is in-store for the world? Read on..... 



"Video Of The Month"

Trump causes a major-mental breakdown and turns Obama into the "Stutterer-In-Chief"! Not To Be Missed! So-o-o-o-o, funny!



"Article & Video Of The Month"

Michelle Obama proves she is the most vile, hateful, non-gracious, non-thankful 1st Lady in American history. Nauseating!



"Article Of The Month"

Is the "GREAT MEDICARE PONZI SCHEME" about to be raided and skimmed off the table leaving seniors HIGH & DRY? Scary!


Psychological Experts: Loretta Lynch was clearly deceptive in her TV interviews about what happened in Orlando. Was hiding the truth!


Paul Ryan is totally AWOL as Democrat-Liberal-Radical-Terrorist Congress members stage a "sit-in"! Who's in charge, Paul!


Trump tears into Hillary over the Orlando Gay Club. Claims she is unfit to lead. Forces her to ALMOST say, "Islamic Radical Terrorism".


Judge presiding over the "trumped-up" Trump University suit is a member of La Raza! The lawyers who filed the suit have given Hillary over $675,000.00 in speaking fees. Corrupt Hillary's evil pant suit spreads out wider?


Radicals & Illegals cause a riot at Trump event in San Jose. They attack, punch event attendees and the police. Why are these people in jail....NOW?


​​​​​​___________May 2016_____________


MAY 2016: MUST READ....

"Article Of The Month"....

Hillary is in DEEP TROUBLE! The Noose is tightening!


MAY 2016: MUST READ...

"Article Of The Month"

The Clinton Foundation finally exposed as a "charity fraud" designed to make Bill and Hillary rich, powerful, traitors against America and extremely dangerous?


MAY 2016: MUST READ....

"Article Of The Month"

Has Obama's and Hillary's "Silent Coup" to take over America once and for all already in action?


MAY 2016: MUST READ.....

"Article Of The Month"

Donald Trump sweeps Indiana and becomes the GOP nominee to face the DEMS!


MAY 2016: MUST READ...

"Article Of The Month"

The reporter who exposed Ted Cruz's father's connection to Lee Harvey Oswald's JFK connection AND Marco Rubio's "sodomite" past found murdered!


GUCCIFER strikes a deal with the Feds to expose Hillary's mis-use of emails....!! Is the end finally near for the most corrupt political history in America?


Trump ROARS into the lead in several poles and it is only May! Looks like Hillary is doomed?


Hillary's deep hatred of "other women" exposed for all to see?


Bill Clinton bedded 2,000 women under the approval of wife Hillary. Wow, some "Woman's Card"!


Is Jeff Bezos using the Washington Post to muscle congressmen and avoid taxes on Amazon AND as a tool to attack Trump? This will get very interesting!


Paul Ryan has become the biggest betrayer of the America in recent times.....?


America's and the rest of the globe's "endgame" has begun.


Why is "Socialism" the BIGGEST lie ever!


Trump says Hillary should not be allowed to run for the presidency!


___________April 2016____________



"Article Of The Month"

Obama's treason just grows and grows as he intendeds to block and veto the 9/11 bill that can make the Saudis open to lawsuits and prosecution for 9/11!


APRIL 2016: MUST READ.....

"Article Of The CENTURY!!!"

China says "No Dollars" for New Yuan!



"Article Of The Month"

Everyday Americans turn, they are being cheated, swindled, lied long can this go on?



"Article Of The Month"

Time to say, "Goodbye" to Obamacare? Let's just shut it down now and stop all the taxation?



"Article Of The Month"

Fox News experiencing an internal civil war because of the conflicted coverage of Trump?

Are Megyn Kelly's days numbered?


APRIL 2016: Must Read

"Article Of The Month"

Jobless claims surge! Retail and computer

jobs look to take a major hit. THAT IS frightening!


APRIL 2016: Must Read

"Article Of The Month"

Social Security and Medicare and other entitlements on the verge of collapse?


China launches the "Gold-Backed" Yuan. A real game changer? Is anyone paying attention?


CRUZ DROPPING IN THE POLLS! Is his nastiness coming back to bite him?


Trump's comments about "recession" are proving to be spot-on! Thanks, Obama! (Yes, it is NOW OK to start to blame Obama for the incredible mess we are in!)


Trump's natural instincts and deep insights into "how the world" works gaining more and more fans. He skillfully bridges the gaps between "thinking you know something" and "being wise". A concept that is almost impossible fro liberals to comprehend.


People are strongly against Cruz's dishonesty and desire and attempts to "steal" Trump's delegates. Does Cruz NOT KNOW this will destroy his "God Fearing" image? What a hypocrite!


Woman rejects Islam and post as scathing review of the embedded evil in the "so-call religion"....


Hillary says, "The Unborn have no Constitutional Rights!"


Equities are plunging as Deutsche-Leham analog looms at the doorstep!


___________MARCH 2016 ___________



"Article Of The Month"

Hillary's IT/Server Manager is a "devastating witness" according to the FBI! Bye-bye, Hillary?



"Article Of The Month"

Now it is Rubio who is hiding his "Gay" past. Right or wrong, aside, why can't he acknowledge it? Oh, right, Obama hid his past and got away with it.....


MARCH 2106: MUST READ.....

"Article Of The Month"

Judge Jeanine warns the GOP. Trying to unseat the will of the people and Trump will be fatal to the party. BE CAREFUL, VERY CAREFUL.



"Article Of The Month"

The Cruz "win" in Utah is a TOTAL Fraud. Totally corrupted and fraudulent process denies Trump and PACKS the Ballot Boxes with Cruz votes.



"Article Of The Month"

Trump's brilliant analysis and parsing of the wars and criss-crossing, deadly events in the Middle East. 




"Article Of The Month"

Here is why manufacturing jobs are NEVER coming back....



Classless, un-presidential Ted Cruz jokes he'd "....back-over Donald Trump with his car". He is a guy we want being our president? Not us... 


HAPPY EASTER: The Easter Story.


Here is the real breakdown of Obamacare's devastating cost and how it is crushing Americans income and economic freedom.


Chinese Yuan continues to collapse. What a losing streak, eh?


Sen. Jeff Sessions: US sovereignty at stake in 2016 Presidential Election! No Kidding!


Trump destroys "Political Correctness" in 5-words.


GOP pulling out all the stops to stop Trump 7 months from now! What gives with that?


Hillary has broken just about every law? Why has she not been indicted?


Trump's name is missing on Florida ballots!


Republican Voters feel betrayed by the GOP & the kidding!


Newt: "If Trump wins in Ohio & Florida, he will be unstoppable".


We used to think that Ted Cruz was smart. We can NOT believe that he would insult Trump voters. Is he desperate?


Trump's momentum is exploding and spreading in ALL directions.


GOP Super-Pacs showing their savage hatred of Trump!


GOP "freaking out" about Trump!


Ben Carson suspends his campaign. THERE is a classy guy and fine human being. We wish him well....


Bernie Sander's voters will "jump to Trump"!


Over 2,000 of Hillary's emails were "Classified/Top Secret". Why is she still walking around free?


Fox News's Hume supports Hillary Clinton's illegal and treasonous behavior as Sec of State?


_________FEBRUARY 2016_____________



"Article Of The Month & Beyond"

What The Heck Is Going ON? It is called "AUTHORITARIANISM" and it is NOT your friend. It is here to ENSLAVE YOU.

Read on ....



"Article Of The Month"

Did Obama And Poindexter Work Together To Aid In Bring About Scalia's Death?


February 2016: MUST READ

"Article Of The Month"

Protocols Of The Elders Of Zion



"Article Of The Month"

Citi: World economy is in a "death spiral"!


Say, "HELLO", to the Economic Hitmen. They are NOT your friend. You are their ENEMIES. Does the name "The Clinton's" ring a bell?


Fox News, Murdoch, Ailes, O'Reilly, Hannity all "in the bag" for Rubio and the establishment?

Is that not treasonous to the grass-roots Americans who have made the a media powerhouse?


More Hillary "Truths" Exposed? She will be the third-term of Obama's Agenda? Is The Bell Of Revolution not ringing in people's heads?


More signs that Hillary is masking her deteriorating health issues? Why elect an old, sick person to be president?


So what are Super Delegates and what is their history? Amazingly, they were created by Democrats to manipulate the presidential elections. Read on.....


Trump says he will "prosecute Hillary" if he is elected? Wow, really?


Trump WINS BIG in South Carolina! Jeb Bush drops out! Hillary "squeaks" by in Nevada and it is hard to believe Bernie Sanders almost beat her.


It is "official", Rubio is a liar and NOT to be trusted! And he wants to be our president? He is Obama-In-A-Rhino-Suit!


The Four Horsemen of the Ecopocalypse have arrived. Buckle-up and get ready to ride!


Are we facing the worst global crisis in HISTORY?


Did Obama and Poindexter work together on desire to snuff-out Scalia? Odd that it happens when Scalia leads the blocking of Obama's environmental plan to defraud America and American energy workers?


Trump leading in South Carolina and National Polls by "Wide Margins"!


Trump is able to build the "coalition" that the GOP has yearned for. Now, the "establishment GOP" is taking turns bashing it. Any and ALL establishment GOP-ers, need to be voted out of office....


DHS official "ordered to destroy records in a federal database that showed links between jihadists and radical muslim terrorists. Obama's treason grows deeper and wider as he aids the "enemy".


Obama cuts the border patrols in HALF! Threatens to fire any agents who obey the laws and arrest illegal invaders! Is this treason?


Hillary is "A walking stroke waiting to happen" because of her age and numerous, serious and chronic illnesses?


Retail apocalypse sweeps across America!


Cruz takes Iowa! Trump 2nd and Rubio 3rd....


Trump leading all challengers in Iowa!


_________JANUARY 2016______________




Hillary Clinton is hiding serious mental and health issues from America. Is "weak" and "confused". Works one day and sleeps the next 5-6 days. How could she be president?



The TRUTH and HISTORY of Muslim "Sleeper Cells" in the USA. BEWARE this is "bone chilling".




WARNING: This is disturbing. The truth about Obama's "secret past" and his "planned" rise to power. Gut wrenching.


Trump "In Control" and leading all challengers.


Iran's leader insists that the Holocaust is a fabrication.....


MORE Clinton Lists: "Death/Threat Lists, Audit Lists, Intimidation Lists....The Lists Go On-and-on...


MIND BLOWING LIST: Here is a list of Bill Clinton's sexual perversions and Hillary's enabling. MUST READ.


PROOF that Hillary instructed her staff to "improperly" handle sensitive documents?


Worldwide markets are tanking right before our very eyes. Market terror taking hold. Is a rate cut pending? If so, boy, the rate hike is short-lived and a complete failure. 


QUESTION: Is Ted Cruz eligible to be President of the United States? 

ANSWER: (A resounding) YES!....(Ask the top legal scholars!)


SICK! Obama's mental illness explodes on camera with his phony tears that frame his order to take away gun rights!


And so, Obama's lawless begins and continues in 2016; going around Congress to creating "HIS" gun laws!


Cruz does not back down! Steels-his-spine against the media, "Billary" and his opponents!


________ DECEMBER 2015 _____________



White House and The Muslim Brotherhood's plan to destroy the USA exposed by Ben Carson. "MUST READ".




The Middle Class as now serfs!

Are you one of them? Read on.....


DECEMBER 2015: GREAT ARTICLE OF THE MONTH! The "Roman" History Of Christmas.


Results of Rate Increase? November home sales plunge as loans dry up!


Minorities are lining up behind Donald Trump! 


59% of Americans think Hillary is dishonest! Is that figure "low"?


Franklin Graham leaves the GOP because of its support for Planned Parenthood. Wow, a man with a back-bone and some principles!


WHISTLEBLOWER: Obama is actively protecting and hiding the action of jihadist who are determined to kill as many Americans as possible, defraud us of our tax dollars and try and take over America. Obama is going to use every minute of every day till he is forced to leave office to make sure these things happen?


Fukushima radiation levels "off the charts" and right off the coast of California!


MUST SEE: Sen. Jeff Sessions rips and exposes Paul Ryan's complete betrayal of America and Americans with Ryan's "cocky-I-know-what's-best-for-you-America-so-shut-up" TRILLION+ dollar Omnibus Bill!


Speaker Paul Ryan betrays America and American with traitorous bill that totally empowers Obama's agenda. Gives new-meaning to being a traitor as he shows he is truly a Democrat and socialist.


US Junk Bonds Meting Down....Collapse Just "Beginning:.....


Psychoanalyst: "Donald Trump and observable American Nationalist, who loves his country".

Don't we deserve this and need this after 7+ years of a president who hates America, Americans and our Constitution?


Chairman Mike McCaul: "Hillary Clinton responsible for the rise of the Islamic State! 


Is Rahm Emanuel on his last legs and about to be removed the Chicago's black community? Oh, no, there would go his demented dream of one day being the President!


Border Surge overwhelming the southern border and Obama!


Two Fox contributors pulled from the air. One for "swearing" and a second for calling Obama out being being what he is....a pussy?


Why you need to buy a gun (s), learn how to use it, get a concealed carry license and have some ammo.....TODAY.......NOW!!!


Congress votes to gut Obamacare, De-fund Planned Parenthood and block Gun Control!


New York Daily News ridicules "God" and prayer in the face of the radical Muslim murderous slaughter and attack in CA.


Trump sprays egg all over the face of the lying mainsteam media's attempts to smear him! What great fun!


Say "HELLO" to financial insanity, my friends!



________ NOVEMBER 2015_____________



"Deep State" shadow government that really sets US government agendas.



Germany needs to elect Karl Guttenberg ASAP!


America is unraveling from psychopathic, left-wing, liberal intolerance. Has it become the radical, liberal, nazi-like version of social controls? 


It is now "Official": Obama is insane and has lost a grasp of reality and transforms into a "weatherman" before our very eyes?


The Middle East heats up as Turkey downs a Russian jet....


Ted Cruz surges into #2 position in Iowa. Popularity picking up steam all across the country. People responding to his conservative messaging.


The Clinton's Foundation in Columbia is shut down for questionable tax avoidance? Website is wiped off the Internet. And people are considering these shady people for the White House? Enough is enough!


This is a MOST troubling bit of economic news. VERY troubling.......


Joe Biden is back with a bubbling pot of BS fro everyone!


Obamacare "self-destructing and dying" UnitedHealth pulling out of the system. State's exchanges collapsing. Take THAT Obama!


This week's most disgusting story! Why are these black students not being arrested and jailed for "stalking" and endangerment? They all need to be expelled from school and lose all financial aid packages.


Obama is aiding the rise of race riots on college campuses?


Syrians part of Texas border INVASION! 8 Syrian terrorists caught crossing into the US!


How Obama uses psycho-tools to brainwash Americans. A MUST see....!!


Obama is clearly delusional. In fact, he is MUCH worse than that. He's a danger to us all?




Hillary's performance a disaster at the debt. Highlight's she "from the 60's" when people are looking for a new face aka 21st Century. Ba-bye, lady?


Obama does NOT WANT to defend America. We can't afford 14 more months of Obama. He needs to resign or be impeached immediately.


It is time for Obama to get off his high horse and prove that he can lead from the front!


Don't worry WORLD, Obama has everything under control!


The financial collapse is standing at our front doors.....


The Media is shielding Hillary's criminality!


Latest jobs numbers are lies, lies, lies. Thanks, again, Obama?


Germany needs to elect Karl Guttenberg to replace Merkel ASAP....


Remember this day because it marks the day that the USA was dissolved and conquered and is no more: 11/5/15.


Europe preparing for war in Europe?


Governments just lie, lie, lie. No longer look out for the people.


Ted Cruz rips Senate Republicans for their "Democrat behavior"!


________ OCTOBER 2015 ______________



Obama starts implementing the UN Police Force in the US that will over-ride Police Forces in the USA. Puts the UN in charge

in the US. Bypasses, Congress and aimed at "extremism" in the US. Wake up, AMERICA!



Is this the REAL "Smoking Gun"? The "SECRET" Obama-Clinton emails that could expose them for what they are. Still, the White House DESPERATELY want to HIDE them!


Hillary's "LIES" grow and spread in all directions....When will they indict her?


Congress and our "new conservative" Speaker Of The House, open up the vault and give Obama unlimited money. Have they also handed Hillary the White House.


John Boehner dumps on the Conservatives in the budget battle and sides with Obama, Dems and Establishment GOP!


Jeb Bush goes off the deep-end about running for office....


Did Trey Gowdy blow it? Why did he ignore the whistleblowers?


Has the Chinese Yuan already been approved as a reserve currency? Will it be backed by gold?


45 Million Americans on Food Stamps!


ObamaCare's LARGEST Healthcare exchange in Colorado collapses and suddenly leaves 80,000 with NO insurance! Hey, wait a minute...that is not supposed to happen!? Will ObamaCare survive another 3 months? What is Plan B? Is there a Plan B?


Hillary Clinton shows no class or shame at debate and lies and lies and lies. Is she insane and/or desperate?


American's #1 Fear?: Government corruption! And what party controls the executive branch? The Democrats,,,,,


The political war has begun. Hillary calls Repubilcans her "enemies"! So, is she saying she likes the Conservatives?


Why is GOLD surging?


Drudge warns that the "Ghetto-isation" of the Internet is upon us!


ISIS: They are Obama's PAID mercenaries designed to create an on-going "False Flag" in the Middle East.


Just like that, the "almighty" Central Bankers can "no longer save the world"?


Dangerous Middle East "Carpe Chaos" is materializing and starting to spread.


Kevin McCarthy drops out of bid for the Speaker Of The House. Wise man.


Putin exposes that Obama is funding and arming ISIS!


You will NOT believe the Fed's reasoning behind the absolutely terrible jobs and unemployment numbers!


Obama's jobs and economy a total disaster as he entertains trans-gendered people at the White House to discuss bathroom facilities...


Obama is "fast tracking" the US to be taken over by the UN and the drive for a Global Government that would DESTROY The USA!


Global manufacturing crashes to a 26 month low!


________ SEPTEMBER 2015 ___________



Social Security Disability will be "BROKE" next year! To make up the difference will they raid Social Security? This is NOT GOOD, at all!


Obama bends over for Putin and hands Syria over to Putin. Clearly, he is afraid of Putin and can not stand up to him?


BIG hurricane chugs right at DC!


Obama puts Gay Rights ahead of the rights of Christians....!!!


Pope Francis backhands American conservatives, conservative ideals, conservative Catholics and exposes his distain for conservative objectives.


Finally, signs that the Climate Nut-Oologists are running out of steam and losing their non-argument.


Pope Francis exposes his liberal-leftist-Marxist beliefs.....


Pope Francis takes US Congress to the "wood shed"...


TRUMP: "Obama is waging war against American Christians!"


By the way, HILLARY "started" the Obama "birther" agenda. Heck, she couldn't even get that done right and he husband is an ex-president....


The time has come to tear liberal-Marxism and corruption out by the roots....


Europe is starting to pull-up the "welcome mat" as 35 MILLION people illegal, un-invited, self-entitled invade....


Is a "Crisis Of Trust" building up to a head and "Critical Mass"?


Server company say Hillary's server NOT wiped and may still hold her emails!


The "Hand Of God" slaps Mecca as a crane collapses in a storm and 107+ killed.


A VERY important 3 minute "must see" movie!

Watch it!


Hillary attacks Obama's agenda to derail her run for president


UN begins its plan to take over global agenda and nation's sovereignty.....


Thoughts on a 6 month "prepping" agenda.


Police Union SHUNS "Obama's Horror Show"!


China dumps 95 Billion in US Debt....


Songs have been written about it, but WHAT IS MONEY, really? Read on.....


Federal government's persecution and jailing of Christians in the USA in full-force.


Global Elites begin plan to take over Planet Earth with the help of The Pope...


Congress has votes to approve the disaster 

called "The Iran Nuke Deal"!


Open season to kill whites and cops is starting now! So, where are the plans and people who will step up and stop it! Obama, you listening?


__________ AUGUST 2015 ____________


Liar, liar: Hillary's server lies just grow and grow and grow.... she needs to be indicted!


Is it time to bail on the market?


Conservative summit rants and wails about The Fed's never-ending corruption...


Study these charts over the weekend...


Mass exodus and human wave pushes into Europe overwhelming resources...


Trump's focus group sends Frank Luntz into the "shaky leg" syndrome....


Romney going to jump into the race because Jeb is losing traction?​​


Biden leaning towards running to protect Obama legacy.....


Obama's hatred for Christians and Christian immigrants is center-stage under the spotlight..


Financial chaos being caused by the death of the Petro-Dollar....


GOP elites plot to take down Trump. There is just one BIG problem with that....


Global stocks crumble. Led by Chinese collapse... 

It's time to close the doors at the Federal Reserve if we want to survive as a country.


Germany "lights up" and demonstrate against the rise of immigrants....


Voters want a to build a wall and the deportation of illegal felons. Trump leads the discussion...


Trump's immigration plan praised!


Cruz's momentum grows and grows with "Sold-out crowds everywhere he goes!


Meet "Big Brother" - corporation-style! Feeds to desire to turn workers into drones..


Jobless claims the worst in 42 years!


Catholics petition Pope to denounce "Gay Marriage" as "un-natural"....


Hillary's email server will be turned over to the DOJ....finally...! Criminal charges next?


Obama's immigration policies destroying the lives of California Latinos....80% live in poverty!


The world's greatest train wreck coming around the bend. Sadly, it has been pre-planned.....


Roger Ailes reaches out to Trump trying to mend the bridge destroyed by Megyn Fox!


Hiilary's "Lawless-Above-The-Law" behavior accelerates as she and her staff destroy more and more and more emails.... Clearly, she fears criminal charges.


Trump Rules! Romps in the 1st GOP debate


Obama is desperate to fund Islamic Terror with a $150 BILLION dollar gift to Iran...This is bad!


Fed-driven stock market ready to crumble....


Hillary Clinton's email and email server scandal explodes into a criminal investigation!


Jeff Sessions lays out election plan...


History of the Khazarian Mafia, the Rothchilds and their long-term agenda....


Clinton donors funding Jeb Bush! The fix is on!


1st Fox News' GOP Presidential Debate Line-up is announced...


Knock, knock! "Who's there?" The BIG Recession....


Judge goes after Hillary and her "crew" for perjury?


Ashkenazi banking mafia gaining steam and spinning into the back stretch?


Media feeding Hillary before interviews. Is this a sign of her fading mental abilities and the desire of Bill to become the shadow president, again?


REALLY? Do we REALLY want The Clinton's Dis-functional, evil "Circus" back in the White House? 


Cruz exposes Kerry's lack of .... most everything.


Historic challenge to Boehner's speakership!


Hillary's email scandal gets worse and worse. Criminal charges due soon? Why not?


War on Christianity just gets worse....


US home ownership sinks to 1967 levels!

The death of the middle class continues..


Chinese investors crushed and destroyed!


Cruz takes on the DC Cartel and prevails...


Jeb Bush is really a Democrat in a Rhino suit!


Carly Fiorina "shines" over the week-end....


Ted Cruz "SHINES" in Iran Nuke debate!


"Trump Act" passes the house! Obama vows, "I'll veto"!


McCain BLOCKED efforts to arm soldiers on US bases and recruitment centers!


That "Sinking Sound"? It's Hillary's numbers. She is going to lose....


Criminal Inquiry pending for Hillary?


Why Trump is going to be president....


Mitch Daniels "Unsung" GOP Guide.....


Big Bay Area earthquake due any day?!



Illegal Alien killers run free in USA...


Cruz: "There will be blood" if Nuke Deal approved....


Navy Seal goes off on Hillary for her lies!


This happens to be the most disgusting video ever from Planned Parenthood? My, God!


The terrible truth about the Iran Nuke Deal?


Hillary forbids staff from talking to the press! When is her "staff" going to wake-up?


Iran Nuke nothing but "Bad Theatre"?


Planned Parenthood has its roots in the worst that Nazism has to offer. It is a genocide organization that we pay for......


Obama hands Iran to toolkit for mass global destruction.....


World War III is "on" and happening now?


Did "Godless Revolution" lead to a religious revival?


Mexican Drug Lord threatens Trump!


Scott Walker announces he is officially running for POTUS!


Greece and EU finally each a VERY, VERY tough deal. Will it really work?


Americans, suspicious of the whole Jade Helm troop exercise, organize to monitor troops! Obama, of course, is playing golf.....


Murder rates on fire across America's cities. Large increases in many cities....


Trump: "And the truth shall set you FREE and lock him into leading the GOP pack"!


Get your program here! Greek scorecard for the layperson.


China! Not 1, not 2 ... but 3 bubbles!?


Is China poised for a NEW Revolution?


New York Times tries to cover-up Ted Cruz's successful book! They're scared of the truth?


Trump in the lead in NC!


Obama and his administration expose their deep racism and sexism. Shun funeral!


Meet the "REAL" Hillary! Who would want this to be our president after 8 years of Obama?


They-re ba-a-a-a-c-K! The Death Panels return?


Here is where the illegal aliens can hide!




Troubles and mass layoffs at Microsoft.


White house now being used for gay weddings only? Is that fair for EVERYONE who wants to get married there? Can we "book" the White House now for ANY wedding?


Hillary, a dictator-in-waiting, ropes off the news media. Are chains and chainlink fences next?


Trump's populist, tell-like-it-is-breath-of-fresh-honest-air helping him pull away? He's breaking away?


Think Greece is bad? What is in play in China will make Greece look like an ice cream social!


Greeks vote, "NO". That is not smart or good?


96,600.000 Americans, or 63%, are NOT working. Highest since 1977! Thanks Obama!


Obama exposed! He supports Isis by holding back supplies to those fighting Isis.....


Hillary totally losing control of the race with a mixed-up, non-focused message. Has she lost her edge? Is here time past?


Factory orders NEVER lie. We are in a deep-getting-deeper recession. Are we one pothole from a serious depression?


Trump is Right, but the Left trying to make him pay, because they are scared shirtless?


Is the "MOST" Disgusting Picture in America?


Obama "bends and bows" to Trump?


Is Rubio wasting his money and our time?


Dang, that was fast! Let the group marriages begin!


Trump rattles the "establishment" with the truth about illegal immigration. Go, Donald!


LGTB Agenda Exposed: Complete perversion of all of American society? 


Satan hates marriage with un-ending passion?


Shame on Obama! Our troops in Afghanistan feel "Abandoned"!


Both hands on the wheel, folks! And keep an eye on those semi-tractor-trailers!


Surprise! A "walk in the woods" is great for you!


Do Fathers and Mothers matter anymore?


Sometimes we need a child to clear things up for us......


Gays show "True Class" - spit on Catholic priest at NYC rally. They profess "love", but show their true hatred.....


Is Greece a mere "smoke-screen" for the real collapse?


Valerie Jarrett needs to step down or be forced to resign for defacing the White House?


Guess who trashed a Georgia Wal-Mart?


Greece burning down..?


Songwriting icon, Joni Mitchell, unable to speak..


Is China the next to implode...?


Greece sliding downhill into the "Unknown" thanks to Leftist Socialism.....


Obama handing over the "Keys To The Bomb" to Iran ... for FREE!


SCOTUS replacing God!


Puerto Rico facing serious financial issues...


ALERT: Supreme Court "Over Rules" The Supreme Being - Rewrites History - Erases "State's Rights"


Perversion trumps democracy? Gay "marriage"

legalized by the SCOTUS.


Read the full decision on "Gay Marriage"...


"Gay Leaders" Admit their perversions!


Gay Debacle swamps and sinks America...


VIDEO: Justice Scalia's reaction....


Is Christian persecution next for America?


American Democracy under attack.....


Leaders vow to push back and follow conscience. Followers join their ranks...


Government Health crosses The Line ... again!


SCOTUS Justice trashes decision.....


America is officially "CLOSED"!.....


Is Boehner a "Closet Democrat Turncoat?"

Important News Events

Important News Events

Important News Events

Constitutional. Populist. Nationalistic. Conservative. Constructive. No Ads. Just "REAL" News!

The Liberist:"We Believe In Liberty"

___________JUNE 2017_______________ 

The BIBLE Has Been Compromised! Guess who is behind it?

MUST READ: Man who infiltrated the Muslim Mob SPEAKS OUT!

CAN'T DENY IT! White Genocide is happening and gaining steam....

25 steps to feeding and fueling political and cultural "DISINFORMATION"!

__________MAY 2017_________________

Trump "Rocks The World" with an incredibly successful foreign trip through the Middle East and Europe! Thanks, Donald!

DON"T MISS THIS! This is ABSOLUTELY "Hill-ar-ious"! Hillary goes ballistic and blames EVERYONE for making her lose. Her mental breakdown gets worse. Considering all the people she and Bill and Obama destroyed, it's nice to see her Karma coming back to spank her.

"King OBAMA", shows a New Low to his new life as an ex-president. Calls Trump a "Bullshitter". How astute, eh? This from a ex-president who spent 8 years saying stuff life, "You can keep your doctor. Premiums will go down....blah, blah, blah. The man is a stain on the history of the American Presidency!  PS He recently said, if the truth about him in his younger years had become public, he would NOT have been elected.

MEDIA BLACKOUT over Seth Rich's revelations and "Clinton-Dem-Style" HIT  on him!

READ THIS: Then forget it, go back to sleep and zone out....for good.

ALERT! The Clinton/Obama Assassin Squads take out Seth Rich? It follow the Clinton Murder Procedures to the "t".....

FLASH! "Tribe Member" spills the beans! It's watch out for the bones!

El Obamo Destructo.....Bye-Bye Obamacare.

Yikes, what took you guys so  long?

Congress being devoured by a DARK INFLUENCE.....

The AMAZING list of WHO OBAMA spied on! Must Read!

Is Trump a captive of the Deep State?

__________ APRIL 2017 ______________

Trump takes on Dem Obstructionists and the federal budget...

Susan Rice's lies just keep rising, higher and higher! She belongs in jail.

Spys and traitors are everywhere with continued efforts to get into the White House!

Ex-Obama official: "Yes, we spied on Trump"!

WAKE UP AMERICA! We are in the middle of a Coup d'erat right now!

___________MARCH 2017____________

Trump shelves AHCA for now. Puts HIS team to work on fixing it and moving on to Tax Reform. Will rise to the challenges at hand.

Could Trump go "Andrew Jackson" against judges blocking his agenda?

The American Uncivil War. What can we do about it?

MUST READ: How the cultural Marxists and The Frankfurt School has subverted American education!

Trump is "LIVID" about Obama's secret tapping and monitoring of his campaign and offices!

MUST SEE VIDEO: Fox's Monica Crowley exposes Obama's Deep State "Hit Job" on her in DC.

Trump's new tax plan going to forward with closing the IRS as part of the new tax plan?

Are we headed toward a crushing NEW Depression caused by Obama's past deeds?

NSA Whistle-Blower validates Trump's accusations about wire-tapping!

HUGE CROWDS show support for Trump!

Drain the swamp!

Bugger-In-Chief, Obama, listened to Jeff Sessions envoy conversation with the Russians!


Valerie Jarrett, Queen Of Iran, moving into the Obama Washington, D.C. home to help lead the treasonous insurrection to disrupt Trump's agenda!

Pedophile, Chuck Schumer, helps a fellow-sex-abuser get into the USA? Amazing!

Is America's support of Israel actually helping to curse America?

Major Pension Funds running dry of money to pay out to pensioners?

Trump going to investigate Pelosi and Schumer meetings with the Russians?

Democrat Analyst: "Obama is undermining the Democrat Party. His personal vendettas will lead to the final ruin of the Democrat Party!"

__________ FEBRUARY 2017 __________

MUST SEE:  Trump ROCKS THE HOUSE at CPAC. People thrilled and inspired by his never-ending onslaught against the evil and lies being pushed against him and our righteous values!

MUST SEE: Trump's amazing press conference. The most powerful press conference of a new president EVER!

Americans back Trump's immigration agenda but 3-to-1 !!!

PIzzaGate Sick Story Leads to Arrests and investigations of Washington's elites....starts with Obama and spreads downward!

Democrats FINALLY start to attack Obama's terrible job as president and the destruction of their party AND his subversive agenda to crush Trump.

Conservatives clamoring for repeal of Obamacare NOW!

POOR LITTLE SNOWFLAKES: Obama's old WH team mourning the cancelation and lose of Obama's strangling regulations. Poor little puppies!

Lizzy Warren told to sit down and shut-up during Jeff Sessions Confirmation Session fro breaking the rules!

9th Circuit Judge want to review the court's decision. What is up with that.

Crimes against Christians UP 245%. Sounds like time to get your concealed carry permit?

Don't forget, people, that the initial BAN on Muslims immigration was instituted by one, Barak Obama, and very, very few made so-much as a peep! Was that so because it was a pre-planned false flag to make it look like Obama was doing something when he really wasn't?

Unimaginable level of radiation leaking from the Fukushima nuclear power plant! Where is the OUTCRY?

Trump signs order to roll-back The Dodd-Frank Rule. Is Glass-Steagall next?

Who and what made Russia what it is one the past 100 years?

Trump responds to the call to label the Muslim Brotherhood as a Terror Group!

Here is your window into the deep-seated and secret campaign to disrupt President Trump!

So WHO is the REAL "Global Enemy"?

Under Obama, Afghanistan has lost control of ONE-HALF of the country!

Iran is in deep trouble as it "ditches" the US Dollar for transactions?

___________JANUARY 2017____________

EXPOSED- MUST READ:  The Deep-Seated Sexual Sickness That Drives Hollywood As Those "On The Top" Use, Abuse and Destroy People And Their Dreams!

Trump cuts through all the FAKE NEWS (Lies) and organized chaos surrounding the so-call "new" immigration rules. Obama used the same actions and NO ONE said a word! Is it FINALLY the time of people to STOP JABBERING and watch, listen and learn?

The UGLY TRUTH about the historical roots of the Muslim cultures. MUST READ!

On your toes, folks. Has a serious two-way trap has been set?

Obama assessments are coming in...and they ALL are looking really, really, really bad!

Debt & Financial bubbles are getting bigger, so people need to be on their toes!

Amazing Images: Pictures of abandoned Soviet Monuments in the Balkans. Wow.

So, who do we thank for Trump's rise to power? Could it be the-one-the-only OBAMA!?

Trump vows to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem. Interesting move AND idea.

Women who is running for the DNC Chairman's position exposes her sickening vein of reverse racism. This gal might be crazy?

Is the USA poised for a Major aka "Greater Depression" and, if so, what will it be like?

Obama's final approval ratings are behind Nixon and Carter and could be the worst ever!

Left-Wingers in Washington DC and beyond scramble to hide the sick, sick truth of DC's "PIzzaGate". The Creme Of The Left Wing Elites implicated?

Trump attacks immigration procedures and sanctuary cities with his pen, as he promised!

How Did Trump Win? He made small-town America important, again, and inspired these people with the promise to give them a "seat at the political table in DC". Moreover, he championed "Individual Rights" over the "collective, socialist, communist, left-wing, global banking cartel's" phony Kumbaya world!

MUST READ: Trumps first order of business is to stop the colonization of America by radical-terrroist-and-Islam-In-General?

Or should be cut the ties with Zionists who are succeeding in colonizing and controlling the US? Either way, the Middle East wants to take over America, its people and its future?

Pathetic list of how much Obama truly despised America and his true contempt for ever trying to be a good president!

NEWS FLASH: Another Obama scorecard comes out. Amazing, as he scores the worst legislative record in history! MY God, and we wasted 8 years on this dunce?

Obama's last minute action shows his contempt for the security of the US!

NEWS ALERT: So, who tried to kill Pro-Trump journalist, Roger Stone. Good News, is he will live and will come back...guns a-blazing!

Some New Yorkers want to bring in Martial Law to stop Trump!

CNN: What has happened to the once pioneering news network? Must be the OWNERSHIP!

Ron Paul uses one sentence to comment on Obama's presidency and legacy!

Is your local mosque "radicalized"?

Obama and Rahm's Illinois is crashing onto the financial rocks. The place is "on fire" in more than one way.

4CHAN claims they created the anti-Trump report as a hoax!


Will Obama's LONG-TERM financial plans to bringing down the financial system, have us all living in caves soon? Ponder this....

Editor-In-Chief feels his reporters to show out all reporting ethics regarding Trump reports.

Here are some of the things Obama is hiding from the American Citizens.....and the list just keeps grows and grows. Let's hope that is he totally exposed for ALL his dishonest actions once he is gone, then tried and punished tot eh fullest extent of the law.

Trump demands answers why the Democrats will not allow the FBI access to their servers!

Obama is "bitter & in despairing" that his legacy is crumbling, so he decides to destroy all he can around him. His clinical insanity is exploding?

MUST SEE: Thank you! The "Hand of God" helped to elect Donald Trump.

MUST SEE: The Democrat's "Pet Project-Planned Parenthood" CREATED to exterminate Black Americans.

___________DECEMBER 2016__________

MUST SEE: Huckabee rages at Obama's cowardice for supporting the Anti-Israel UN Vote!

Is something truly "Wicked & Dangerous" brewing in the world? Feels that way.

The Obama's Lack "GRACE" as they prepare to depart the White House for good!

Chinese tycoon moving jobs to the US because it is cheaper to produce in the US! RIGHT AGAIN!

Muslim TERRORIST storms a children's Christmas Pageant!

Ha-ha-ha! Now OBAMA WARNS TRUMP about abusing "Executive Orders". Obama needs to shut-up and pack!

Dems & Donna Bra-Zilla miss the point and the truth. The Russians did not ELECT Trump.....the American People did! 

Whining Bi*#%tch Michelle Lashes Out At Americans For Making Her and Obama Feel Hopeless? OMG, PLAY THE VICTIM WHY DON"T 'CHA, Queenie!

Will Obama's Rate Hikes Crush The Middle-Class As he Exits The White House?

SIT DOWN! Here is the "ULTIMATE" Fake Poll!  Nauseating lies at a slow boil.....

Ohhhh, no? Ohhh, YES! The "Gang Of Eight" are ba-a-a-a-ck and, yet again, exposing their treason and contempt for the American People! They need to be removed from office ASAP!

Hillary & CO. spent $1.2 BILLION on "losing" her bid to be POTUS. Yet, ANOTHER REASON why she NEEDED to lose!

Fox News is "SICK" of Megyn Kelly!

Re-Count adding to Trump's winning margin!

Trump puts government suppliers on notice that he will not allow the government to over-pay or waste money! Thank, GOD, we have an adult in the White House!

Kellogg's Newest "Snap-Crackle-Pop"! Left-Wing-Radical-Socialist Bowls Of Doggie-Doo-Doo? Oh, My Goodness, Ain't Great No More! So, step away from that bowl!

Jill Stein? Why is she still trying to be in the spotlight? She just keeps losing and losing and losing....

__________ NOVEMBER 2016___________

Meet, Jill Stein! One totally insane socialist liberal wack-job!

Oil is up! All the more reason to push for American energy independence....

The Washington Post is working HARD to pass the New York Times as the worst newspaper in the world. Just shows you that having money doesn't guarantee Jeff Bezos has any "class".

Obama is losing his grip on his own reality! Wait, he's been doing this for a long-time! Fakes that he is against the re-count to try to make himself look "good". Yeah, the reverse-psychology is all too clear, Obama.

The Mocking Play, "Hamilton", exposed for its deep-seated propaganda agenda. Time to boycott this left-wing drivel! There are a lot better and less expensive entertainment options available. Example: Watch the new movie, "Cop Car"......very interesting.

Obama just doesn't know when to "bind his tongue" and zip his socialist agenda to take over the world.

NPR says it will no longer allow conservatives to be on the air. Well, folks, get ready because "we The People" demand you be shut down!

Socialist Liberal Democrats need therapy dogs to help sooth their crushing defeat. Aww, poor babies!

Atheists are bumped from radio station in favor of Christmas Music!

Bannon helps to lay out plan to help Americans from getting "F*$#ked!"


Hillary's Basically "Flips The Bird" to her staff and ALL her followers.

The TOTAL TRUTH about Hillary's followers. They HATE America, They Hate Trump and they HATE YOU!

Bannon and Breitbart has a voice in Trump's administration! Great News!

Liberals having mental breakdowns and swamping "Suicide Lines"! 

____From August 2016 to Election Day____

The New Liberist News Service: 


To Make The Call.....

"Say, 'Hello' To .....

Donald J. Trump, President

& Mike Pence, Vice President....

Of The United States Of America!"




Below are links to the overwhelming collection of lies, fraud, deception, potential criminal activities, theft, corruption and deceit  (and MUCH more) perpetrated upon The American People by Hillary & Bill Clinton. Videos, articles and much, much more.



_________NOVEMBER 2016__________

MEET A REAL VICTIM of Hillary and Bill's love of rape and hatred of women. They are the ultimate sexual pervert couple!

Hillary Visits Sex Island AT LEAST 6 Times With Convicted Sex Pedophile!

Hillary & Bill BOTH visit The "Sex Island" with convicted child molester on many, many, many occasions. NYPD ready to start arresting them all!

Congressman states: Hillary's actions are "treason".

NOVEMBER "Article Of The Month"!


The Clinton "CON JOB" Exposed by an ex-insider in the Clinton Camp!

Hillary can't remember where she was on 9/11! I am sure most anyone remembers where they were when this happened, right? She says she was in NYC....and she WASN'T! And she wants to be POTUS!?

Hillary & Huma are participating in the BIGGEST Political Scandal In US History! The "Sale Of America"! Read on.....

When Hillary is convicted of obstruction of justice, she'll face 20 years in jail?

AMAZING: Hillary and Her Crooked Team have 5 separate "ACTIVE" criminal investigations happening RIGHT NOW!

_________OCTOBER 2016______________

Ex-FBI head: "The Clinton's Are A Criminal Family!"

Why Hillary's illegal use of her emails is important to the American "Rule Of Law" and why she belongs in jail?

You Are Being Duped!

You Are Being Lied To!

Vote Trump - Pence!

Hillary And Creamer Exposed As "Partners In Treason"

Bill & Hillary's Surrogate "Love Affair explodes Bill's locker-room talk that is beyond demeaning, disgusting and despicable! Where is Megyn Kelly when you need her?

Hillary & Donna Brazile BOTH Implicated In Treasonous Fraud!

Hillary "Auctioning Off" LAWS to the "Highest Bidder! Treason!

ALERT! Hillary falls heard enough to produce a gash in her face?

The RIGGING Off The Election Has Started!

Hillary and her team of traitors have already started to try ans steal the election!

Hillary and her team of traitors PAID OFF....Well, just about EVERYONE! She belongs in jail.

"Article Of The ELECTION"
PROOF...that Hillary is directly responsible for causing and ordering chaos and violence at Trump Campaign Events!! Why is she not in jail and OUT of the race? SHE MUST BE STOPPED!


"Most Important Article Of The Decade"

Flaming, smoking, nuclear, explosive, no-doubt, no-nonsense PROOF of the main-stream media's secret, illegal and blatant involvement in creating and perpetuating Hillary's Socialist-Criminal-Communist agenda and propaganda to cover-up all her lies and criminal behavior aimed at the take-over of America! Not only, is SHE involved, but here is a list of so many others who are part of this attempted take-over of America! WAKE UP....WAKE UP....WAKE UP America!


Hillary's Professional Thugs exposed for creating violence at Trump's Campaign Events! Stunning!!!

Hillary is "SUPER_HYPER_SENSITIVE" to her health issues. Claims say she has a VERY bad heart, a leaky value heart and much more?

Wall Street Journal finally admits that the media lives to cover-up Hillary's sins! So, why aren't they doing something?

Say, "HELLO" to Hillary's pathetic life of lies and deceit.

Hillary's health getting worse and worse. Trying to get out of the third debate.....?

7 Reasons to not vote for or support Hillary' quest to rule the "Free World"!


HILLARY'S GOAL? To turn the US over to the Globalists and end American Sovereignty!

A Level Of Collusion never seen in American Politics NOW includes the State Department, the DOJ and EVERY level of the Hillary Campaign? This MUST be a wide-spread effort to talk over America, because Hillary is TOO WEAK and feeble to do it all by herself?

HILLARY CLINTON - America's Great-Catholic-Bigot. She smears Catholics. Aims to destroy the religion. Proof she is the "Devil's Daughter"?


Team Hillary & John Podesta berate, belittle and tear into Catholics, Evangelicals and clearly are against people of Christian faith! How un-American is that?!

Hillary attacks and tries to silence Bill's rape victims. She's "Bill's Enforcer".....!!!


Victims of Bill and Hillary Clinton's Rape Lust and support of rape and criminal sexual behavior - speak out. This is one of the most amazing videos you will see in years!


AMAZING NEWS! Hillary says she will erase the Second Amendment with an "Executive Order"!!!! NOT GOOD....

Boxes and boxes of Hillary's emails suddenly "disappear"! When is all of this criminal behavior by the Clinton supporters, "our government" and the government agencies...going to end?!

WIKILEAKS opens the flood gates with info of her two-faced speeches to Wall Street!. AMAZING!!

VERY SCARY: Hillary exposes herself as a globalist who want to dis-assemble America, open borders and let everyone in....and more!

RAPE! RAPE! RAPE! Bill AND Hillary are part-and-parcel to Bill's felonies and life as a rapist and sexual predator.

HILLARY IS PANICKING! Admits she is freaking out in an email to her followers! MUST READ!

"Send In The Clowns"......Meet Hillary's Astute Running Mate....Tim, "The Joker", Kaine!

Bill Clinton called out at rally, over and over and over as a "RAPIST!!!

Bill Clinton denies his son and shuns him! What kind of man does that? Is it because his son's mother is a black prostitute? Have we not had enough of these people in the White House? Time to toss all these sickos out of DC!

Say "Hello" to Bill Clinton, serial rapist, and his rape-enabling wife and wanna-be-president, Hillary Clinton! The perfect people to lead out country and live in the White House? NO! NO!


Wikileaks opening the sewer of Hillary's Past! Julian Assange has to hold back releasing documents for a day because of Hillary's threat to assassinate him! This is a changer!


Hillary's Past Scandals.....rise up to take her down!

WHAT?! Bill Clinton calls Obamacare a "Crazy System"!

Hillary destroyed the Libya PEACE PROCESS over a Personal vendetta! That she-devil belongs in jail!

_________September 2016 _____________


The Clinton Foundation FAILS for THREE YEARS to provide Tax Returns with a list of "Donors & Contributors"!


NEWS FLASH! Hillary used a wireless ear-piece during the first debate which is against the laws and rules. Block-buster development!


Hillary totally loses it in this video! And what is with her bobble-head doll head movements? How can ANYONE want someone like this as our president?


Obama was part of Hillary's email scandal! How could ANYONE believe that HE didn't know EXACTLY what was going on at all times! Don't forget, he is a TRUE control-freak, folks!


Hillary actively created and supported The Arab Spring that led to the destabilization of the Middle East!!!

Hillary hides schedules and travel records that WE paid for.

WIKILEAKS Treasure Trove just days away from release.

FLASH: Hillary took MILLIONS & MILLIONS from anti-Gay countries!


Hillary suddenly cancels a local fundraiser in North Carolina without a reason, while Trump jumps ahead in NC and concerns about neurological issues swirling after her speech last night in Philly where her eyes were disconnected and un-focused.

Hillary's friends say she has Parkinson's Disease. Fading fast. If she really loved America, why does she not quit knowing she can't give us her best? Because she does NOT WANT to give us her best. She is used to giving us her worst!


Hillary has NO personal appearances scheduled until next Monday....the NIGHT of the First Debate. She is tired and sick and getting worse everyday?

Hillary's DEEP DARK Secrets exposed! Spooky!


Hillary's running mate, Tim Kaine, is one VERY DANGEROUS man and "sleeping dog". He could be the left-wingers and democrats TRUE Trojan Horse!

Bill Clinton's Long-time PAL, "Hillary is losing her mental capacities quickly". Really must NEED that ear-prompter, eh? Was she wearing it when she did the late-night zombie interview after the NYC bombing?

Hillary "dropping like a stone" in the poles!


This is unbelievable. Hillary's team over-charging their "poorest" supporters by double and triple dipping into their bank accounts for donations. Folks who needs any more examples of the Clinton pattern of theft and fraud on common-folks?!


Hillary announces she has some fake and non-existent disease! What more proof do you need to know that she has lost her mind? Moreover, she HAS LOST the election. It is DONE!

You, TOO, can go to Bill Clinton's Birthday Bash for a mere...$250,000.00!

Doctors challenge the suspicious narrative from Crooked Hillary's Camp about her health condition.


Hillary has lost her mind. Calls Trump supporters "Deplorable"! This coming from a proven pathological liar!?

Democrats freaking out over what to do next about Hillary!

Dems ready to replace Hillary with Tim Kaine?

They HAVE to do SOMETHING! Hillary will not make it through the next  60 days!

Hillary collapses and faints! Needs to be dragged into a waiting van and whisked away.

She is MUCH sicker than she eludes?

MUST READ ARTICLE: The TIDE is "going OUT for Hillary and NOT heading back in!

MUST READ ARTICLE: 71% of doctors think Hillary has some kind of serious health issues that she is hiding!

Hillary and the Saudis.....dedicated bedfellows. Saudis give her $20 million and more....

ALERT! Trump jumps into the lead in North Carolina and other "must win" states!

Oh MY! CNN poll now shows Trump is topping Hillary and surging as his numbers go higher daily!

Hillary's Aide prompted her during the Benghazi hearings to make sure Hillary does not sway from the "talking points"?

POOR HILLARY! She is annoyed that people are still focusing on the fact that she committed many crimes with the mis-use of her treasonous email systems! Gee, Hillary, you broke the law, committed fraud, aided our enemies. If you are running for the White House, that would be BIG NEWS, right?

WHAT THE HECK? Hillary says we did not "lose a single life in Libya"! She has lost her mind!

Hillary REALLY IS losing her mind. Needs to use an ear-prompter during the first Network Media event. Can't even lie without help? Why is this important? Actors use these to feed them lines! She's lost the election!

Hillary cuts off the press when their questioning gets a wee bit TOO CLOSE!

Bernie Sanders insists that Hillary cease all support and contact with the Clinton Foundation IMMEDIATELY!

Dr. Drew was pressured by CNN and the Clinton MOB to retract his statements about her health! He loses his job AND show defending his statements!

Hillary Has Parkinson's Disease And Should Drop Out Of The Race!?!?

NEWS FLASH! Hillary ADMITS She Has Brain Damage! Totally UNFIT To Be The Commander-In-Chief?

SEPTEMBER 2016: Must Read Article!

Joe Biden: "Yeah, Hillary KNOWS that people don't trust her"! WHAT? Biden is a never-ending fountain of idiocy.


Hillary choking so much on her plane she can't talk to the press! Has to end phony "meet and greet".


Hillary's heath fading quickly! She can hardly talk! How does she expect to make through the next two months being this sick. Her hopes are fading rapidly. Time to fold the tent and go home?

The White House staff actually TRAINED Hillary to act dumb and say, "I don't recall this-that-and-the-udder-thing"! Incredible! Well, maybe not?

YOU ARE NOT GOING TO BELIEVE THIS! Bill and Hillary claim that their corrupt "foundation" is akin to them being "Robin Hood"!

Hillary's dramatic drop in support with women and Latinos is exposed!

WHAT? Hillary Loses A Confidential Laptop When It Is Sent Thru The Mail!!

SEPTEMBER 2016: Must Read Article

Hillary exposed for destroying evidence that is under subpoena? When are they going to indict her? Now is the time.

SEPTEMBER 2016: Must See Video!

Proof that Hillary is a mass-murderer?


Hil-arious! Hillary FINALLY AGREES to do Press Conferences - on ONE CONDITION.

"You need to elect me president first"! Is this not the sign of an insane person?

Anti-Hillary is out-selling Anti-Trump merchandise by a wide-wide-wide margin!

Yet, ANOTHER FBI report exposes Hillary for evading federal laws!

Hillary can't remember anything. Her mind is gone. And she wants to be POTUS, today, in these turbulent times of global unrest. She is too weak and feeble and needs to step aside.

Hillary engaging a "forced march" to begin election fraud and try to steal the election?

Get ready, she is mortally wounded and will do anything to defraud America, AGAIN!

Hillary's "OH SHIT" moment. You HAVE to read this!

Hillary can't remember ANYTHING when questioned by the FBI!

Trump Surging ahead in the polls! Hillary dropping fast!

Hillary drops to SECOND PLACE with ONLY 39% of the vote!



If she loved America, she would step-down because of her serious illnesses! What she gets elected and saddles America with an invalid President? She is too sick to do back-to-back-to-back events and needs LOTS of rest between here once-a-week events? When you vote, folks, vote for a healthy president. Hillary is terribly sick!

While Donald Trump faces people everyday, talks to reporters, does almost daily interviews on Fox News and has been almost 270 days since Hillary has done a press conference. Why? Because she mentally can NOT HANDLE IT!

Trump challenges Hillary to release her REAL medical records. She can't do it. It will end her run for POTUS when people see how truly sick and incapacitated she is!

Hillary Laughing In Our Faces, AGAIN! Forces the Department Of Justice to NOT RELEASE her Calendars until AFTER THE ELECTION!


BleachBit BRAGS that they "cleansed" Hillary's Server's and stifled the FBI in the Clinton Email Inquiry!

Young People See The Light ... and the double standard of Clinton's Foundation and will NOT be voting for her!

EX-Head Of The Clinton's Global Initiative Exposed as a "Pay-For-Play" Total Scam.

THE HEAT IS ON! The Vince Foster "death files" suddenly are missing from The National Archives! No, smoking gun there? This "death" will bring down Hillary for good....

Meet Hillary's FAVORITE Donor & Mega-Billion Hedge Fund Manager. He's actually RICHER than Soros and more diabolical?

This Clinton Foundation story will upset you.

BOOM! MAJOR BREAKING STORY! Hillary was "For Sale" while she was Secretary Of State. Overwhelming evidence of "pay-to-play"!

Why has she not been charged and indicted?

Huma AND Hillary....the Dynamic Duo of corruption, treason, fraud, deceit and contempt for the rule of law.

Major Players who were/are part of Hillary's Pay-To-Play foundation scams. Sickening?

LISTEN! What is that sound? Why it is The Trumpocrats, silly! It's the Dems jumping ship in droves.

TOP 33 Clinton "Death List". Death, Murder, Killings happening in plain sight. Where Is The Main Stream Media reporting these shocking events?

FBI uncovers 15,000 MORE emails being hidden by Hillary. The FEDS are hiding them and covering them up! When is this corruption going to end? George Washington IS spinning in his grave?

Lying, stonewalling and lack of transparency are key characteristics of The Clinton's Mob Process. Funny, that is THE MOBS process, too!

Hillary email: "I'm STILL Not Feeling Great"!

The S.S. Hillary Clinton Is On The Rocks! Here "BEST" Week Yet!

Hillary Is Getting Weaker & Sicker And Trying TO Hide It? How Can she Possibly Be POTUS?

Hillary's campaign losing credibility and dying! Who wants ANOTHER lying POTUS, eh?

Colin Powell BLASTS Hillary And Throws Her Under The Bus! She Is Losing And SHE KNOW IT!

Is The Clinton FOundation Under Investigation Or Not? And If, "NOT", Why On Earth Is It NOT Under Investigation?

Clinton's are ALREADY breaking the law banning foreign investments in their International SLUSH Fund, The Clinton Foundation! When Are They Going To Be Jailed, already?

Federal Judge forcing to answer questions about her email scandals IN WRITING? What is this "Homework For Hillary"?

Huma Adedin worked for a RADICAL MUSLIM JOURNAL for 12 years! Is she a SPY in plain sight planted to tell Hillary what to do and say?

If so, she needs to be arrested and jailed? WHY, WHY, WHY would Hillary have her working for her as her trusted aid? Smoking Gun?

NOW, Hillary is trying to blame Colin Powell for ALL her email troubles and scandals. She is too weak and feeble to step up and take responsibility herself?

As Hillary's Health Deteriorates, this speech by Trump will sink her hopes for the White House! Does she actually think that she has the strength to debate Trump and not come off as a feeble-minded has-been?

Trump Goes To Meet With Louisiana Flood Victims While Hillary Is TOO TIRED To GO and Obama Golfs!

Hillary is taking orders from George Soros who's motto is: "I'm With Her, She's For Sale"!

Only 11% of people think Hillary is HONEST! SO, why would they vote for her?

SICKENING: Proof of Hillary's Bad Health? it has been an "amazing" 257 days since her last news conference!

Here is a sickening list of Hillary's never-ending list of foreign policy failures...

One of Hillary's Pending "October Surprises"?

Bill's Arkansas RAPE VICTIM "blasts" Hillary and Bill....40 years later. How can anyone even consider voting for such a heartless and diabolical so-called woman?

State department in bed with the Clinton Foundation?! WHEN is this illegal behavior going to stop Hillary and force her to step down and face jail time?

"Hillary has Parkinson's Disease": BIG Pharma Executive!

Shawn Lucas another DNC/Clinton Murder Victim? Hmmmm.... Freaking friends and family!

Hillary puts the US Government up fro sale to highest bidder!

RAND PAUL: Hillary belongs in jail for lying to Congress about Syria!

Hillary donates 96% of her charitable donations to her OWN Clinton Foundation! How sick is that?


People connected to Hillary and the DNC are suddenly showing up dead. The BODY COUNT is growing!

TRUMP: Obama and Hillary are co-creators in the Great Evil we ALL know as "Isis"!

PENCE: "Hillary needs to be investigated for her international "Pay-For-Pal" influence peddling!

Hillary's Lead Attorney Found Dead! The Body Count GROWS and Grows?

Hillary goes on a rant with insults and name-calling. Calls jews stupid k***ks! Oh, boy!

Communist Party "All In" And Backing Hillary! America, are you ready to elect a commie as president? OMG!

MORE MURDER: Wikileaks Suggests DNC Staffer was the Source of the leak. 

Hillary took millions and millions and millions from countries that are anti-gay and where gays are jailed and murdered!

Hillary's Server Breach leads to Iranian's death?


PULSE killer's Muslim father is attending and actively supporting Hillary at her rallies! What is going on?

A Secret Service K9 handler shares a VERY DISTURBING STORY exposing Hillary Clinton for the insane phony that she is when he was part of a detail put in place to protect her overseas. MUST READ! Why they didn't just quit and walk out, is beyond me.

Hillary's interview with Chris Wallace PLUS the fact-check of the interview.

RED ALERT: Hillary is planning to get rid of private insurance...and THAT is just the start.

Hillbama's Main & Massive Lie About This Coming Election!

Hillary promises a ONE TRILLION DOLLAR tax hike. Come on, we KNOW it will be 10 TIMES that.

Hillary will become a "dictator" according to a Secret Service agent who worked with her.

NSA has ALL of Hillary's emails that were "deleted"!

Hillary will make Senior Citizens work till they die?

___________July 2016_____________


You MUST SEE This Movie! It Is Imperative To Watch And Share This "REVELATION". DO NOT Miss It..... "Clinton Cash"....Your Will Be Appalled!


Voting for Hillary? Well, here is why it may cost you your life.....VERY IMPORTANT ARTICLE!


Bill Clinton Stands Before America, YET AGAIN, And Lies To Our Faces About Hillary And His Contrived And "Made-Up Camelot Marriage" And Fails To Mention ALL The Rapes And Affairs From The Past!


"Article Of The Century!!!!"

Wikileaks expose and prove Hillary and the DNC's rigging of the Primaries and the depth of the media's collusion. MAJOR SCANDAL!

JULY 2016: Must Read Article.....

"Article Of The Month"

Trump Makes a SOLID PICK with the selection of Mike Pence as VP! Solid, solid, principled man.


"Article Of The Month"

What the heck is going on at CERN with the Hadron Collider?


"Video Of The Month"

Judge Jeanine blasts the Clinton-Comey-Lynch cabal. Most sickening. WE LOVE "The Judge"!

Bill Clinton's long-time LOVER disses on Hillary's dishonesty, contempt and basic ignorance of what is going on around her! Moreover, she re-confirms the sham of a "marriage" that Bill and Hillary have and Hillary's basic dislike of women-in-general.

Will the Judicial Oligarchy corrupt the up-coming elections? Wake-up America! Look all around you, now!

Hillary picks Tim Kaine as VP! Really? How boring can you get? Of course, Hillary does not want ANYBODY getting in her "kitchen", right!

Hillary's "List Of Scandal" are exploding everyday. Her lawlessness knows no boundaries!

Jim Comey has been supporting the Clintons with favorable after favorable after favorable rulings in their behavior. Fair to say he is and has been in the "bag" for the Clintons for a long, long, long time?

​​___________June 2016_____________


"Article Of The Month"

Donald Trump jumps into THE LEAD in race for the White House in the newest pole!


"Article Of The Month"

Hillary scrubs her calendar and appointment records from when she was the Sec Of State!


"Article Of The Month"

The PROOF surfaces that the DNC and Hillary and the Mainstream Media worked together to rig the primary elections and steal it from Bernie Sanders.....!!!


"Book Of The Month.....

Insider Secret Service Agent Risks ALL to expose the terrible secrets about Bill & Hillary and how the use "position" for fraud, corruption, lies, thievery and true deception! DO NOT MISSS THIS BOOK!


"Article Of The Month"

RED ALERT: Here is how the elites create and use propaganda to control people! VIP!


"Video Of The Month"

"Globalists are freaking out over Trump's plans to re-negotiate or cancel trade-deal!

The "Fix Is In" for Hillary's indictment, as she and Obama battle back and forth. Amazing! They both need to be removed from America's agendas?

WOW! Is the judge handling the Trump University Case part of a La Raza group that declared "economic war" on Donald Trump?

Obama cites The Bible in defending transgender issues! Is Obama going mad right before our eyes?

Bill & Hillary suck-in MILLIONS & MILLIONS from their phony and fraud-ridden university scam.....we are talking MILLIONS & MILLIONS!

____________May 2016_____________

MAY 2016: MUST READ....

"Article Of The Month"

Hillary Clinton is a "coke head" on top of being someone who despises other women.

MAY 2016: MUST READ.....

"Article Of The Month"

Say, "Hello" To The MOST Dangerous Market Imaginable?

MAY 2016: MUST READ.....

"Article Of The Month"

Obama's "Manufacturing Recession" just gets worse and worse and has NEVER pulled itself out of the ditch since he was elected. It's just part of the barrel of lies Obama tries to cover-up!

MAY 2016: MUST READ....

"Article Of The Month"

Dire warning about Hillary Clinton and anti-American agenda, her money lust, her lust for power to destroy anything in her way. Is Bill next?

5 MORE countries want to leave the EU?

The list is growing and growing....!!

Hillary's email scandal is exploding and the attacks are coming from every direction. Is an indictment on the near horizon?

Hillary vows to dissolve the US border in the first 100 days!

FACEBOOK is in an "open war" against conservatives and conservative sites? People are leaving and boycotting FACEBOOK? Will this finally be their demise?

Sen. Ben Sasse from Nebraska reprimanded like no other senator ever for his wise-guy attitude and promoter of #NeverTrump. The vote was 400-8!

Has an all-out war on Humanity and Planet Earth begun....quietly?

Bill Clinton's paramour exposes a vault full of nauseating and disgusting facts about Hillary and what makes her "tick". And she wants to be "our President"? NEVER!

Hillary is determined and dedicated to taking away all the guns in America!

Is the Bush Family's "Republicanism" finally dead?

Is Iraq on the edge of collapse and falling to Iran?

​​​_________April 2016________________


"Article Of The Month"

We are a mere 9 MEALS away from anarchy!

APRIL 2016: MUST READ.....

"Article Of The Month"

Why Are The Saudi Arabians Threatening To "Cash-Out" Their Dollars If Congress Approves An Investigation Into Their POTENTIAL Involvement in 9/11?


"Article Of The Month"

Why is radioactive tritium founded scattered and deeply embedded in the 9/11 attack site? Where micro-nukes used and planted?


"Article Of The Month"

19 Ways The American Middle-Class Is Being Destroyed Economically


"Article Of The Month"

The FED Is Owned By Private Individuals! The Extent Will Disturb You.


"Article Of The Month"

Say "HELLO" to "The Greater Depression"!

Thanks Obama!

APRIL 2016: Must Read......

"Article Of The Month"

China's growth projected to be "negative"

APRIL 2016: Must Read....

"Article Of The Month"

How Trump and Cruz can and should come together to shut out the "establishment" at the GOP convention.

Ted Cruz's so-called "grassroots" theft and delegate manipulations EXPOSED for all to see. Do we want another criminal in the White House?

Why the media LIES so much?

Is Zuckerberg going to use and/or is he using Facebook to disrupt or manipulate the upcoming presidential election? People are leaving Facebook in droves to protest his "over-reach"?

One of Trump's biggest goals is to bring an end to the corruption of the Elitist "Ruling Class" and give the country back to the people.

Obama looking to insert his choice to replace Scalia by BYPASSING the Senate. His blatant tyranny needs to be stopped and ended, NOW!

Consumer spending collapses in March. People have no money, are over-taxed and can barely hang-on....Thanks, Obama!

American Nationalistic Populism rises up out of the crushed remains of the Middle Class. They are smart, educated, dedicated and ready to rumble to get their country back from the "Elite".... Dems & GOP-ers!

Amazing "leaks" expose the depth of deception by the "World's Wealthy" and how they manipulate the global economic systems to hide and manipulate their growth of wealth....

Millionaires are leaving Chicago in droves because of fears of race riots & civil unrest. Ranks #3 GLOBALLY in losing citizens because of these fears.

_________March 2016 ________________​


"Article Of The Month"

Trump lays out a very thoughtful healthcare plan that includes allowing Americans to write-off their premiums and more!


"Article Of The Month"

Mark Christian, M.D., "Donald Trump is absolutely right about Islam's hatred and here's why! READ IT NOW!


"Article Of The Month"

Multiculturalism has NOT worked and we need to stop it.


"Video Of The Month"

How to give George Soros a little "payback" for all the "wonderful" things he does!


"Article Of The Month"

The real and devastating costs of Obamacare and how is stealing Americans income and crushing American's economic freedom!

MARCH 2016: MUST READ.....

"Article Of The Month"

Watch China. If it devalues down 20% we will see a collapse and a Mad Max World?

Higher Education is morally and financially corrupt and broke. Moreover, it enslaves the students and provides liberal-leftist-radical-socialist-communists with pensions...

Trump was absolutely right to defend his wife from the crass photo published by Ted Cruz "Super PAC" supporters. Shame on you, Ted!

Microsoft AI Robot "evolves" into a Nazi when left to its own devices.... That's comforting, eh?

Isis claims responsibility for deadly attack on Brussels airport. Many killed and injuried.

Chelsea Clinton blasts Obamacare's Crushing Costs! What? Is Hillary AFRAID to speak-up herself?!

Home prices CRASH the most in 6 years! What is up with that?

GOP congressional leaders reject Obama's pick for the SCOTUS. "We will let the next president make the pick"! My goodness, has the GOP started to grow some hair on their chests? Trump's influence already being felt!

As Main-Stream-Media claims "most people HATE Trump".....he shows he has 53% approval. So much for the MSM polls in the future.

NATIONAL REVEIW: White Working-Class Americans deserve to die!

ISIS Follower tries to jump on stage and confront Donald Trump. Secret Service pounce on him immediately.

Commie/Socialist Radicals disrupt Trump event in Chicago & force it to close-down.

Ben Carson: "I support Donald Trump!"

New World Order is freaking out over the idea of "President, Donald J. Trump"

Donald Trump is a VERY lucky guy. His wife, Melania, is one classy LADY.

Judge: "Hillary will be indicted VERY soon".

Trump and Romney tee-it up. Mittens looks very desperate....Trump pounces and wins!

Students have to strip down to their underwear to take tests, so there is no cheating. Wow!

Alan Greenspan: "We Are In Trouble"!

Mark Zuckerberg is a total nut and forcing his "will" on all of his employees to buy into his support of the BIG LIE known as "Black Lives Matter"?

_________FEBRUARY 2016_____________


"Article Of The Month"

Money no longer represents wealth.

Now, it represents DEBT!


"Article Of The Month"

Jeb Bush and his family exposed for their international criminal behavior, fraud and deceit.


"Article Of The Month"

2016 is going to be very challenging and filled with turmoil.....


"Article Of The Month"

The Masters Of Central Banking Who Control All Of Our Lives

China devalues yuan as their stocks collapse!

Fascism in American Universities is boiling over. They are breeding grounds for radical agendas dedicated to crushing free speech, gun know, stuff like The Constitution, The Bill Of Rights.....

BREAKING NEWS: Trump wins Nevada. Clearly, he is going to be the nominee!

What is supporting and propelling Trump forward and into the White House?

Jeb Bush supporters are now rallying behind Marco Rubio? Really, why go from one loser to another? Start a neighborhood clinic and help people instead....

My Goodness, you have to watch this. Hillary lying about her "not lying...EVER"!

The world economies are bleeding out of control....what is next?

Hillary's health is going downhill fast because of the stress of running for office. She is BACK wearing her "double-vision" glasses. America needs to demand that she step down, NOW!

Bill and Hillary have a new MAJOR story that exposes their dangerous sexual sicknesses. He wore a woman's nightie and Hillary MUCH prefers sex with women? And the source sleeps with a gun to protect herself for fear of their wraths....

Has WW III arrived?

Picture journey of "Autocracy vs. Democracy" in vivid detail. DON'T miss this article.

Is the S & P facing a "40%" crash?

Obama's debt a huge brick in the coming international wall of crisis that is building.

Hillary NEEDS to be indicted and jailed for her deceit and fraud and manipulation of Top Secret emails.

Jeb Bush TOTALLY exposes his secret dedication to the "New World Order".

Obama-Econo-Apocalypse has arrived with projected "negative rates" from The Fed. They project they could stay in place until 2019!

Hillary leads in Iowa vote counting by "a coin toss". Sanders' team cries "foul". No kidding!

25% of government employees say they will quit if Trump is elected!  Yea!

Hillary WANTS to be "Held accountable"! She is clearly quaking in her pant suits!

___________January 2016______________


Obama to use "Executive Orders" to confiscate Americans' guns after New Year's Day!


Obama's "planned crippling" of the Middle Class.



Prepare yourselves and those around you, the fan and the horse manure have begun to collide!

DEEP INSIGHT: The world economy fundamentals are "TOAST"

Paul Ryan's leadership (or LACK of it) is causing a dramatic increase in the deficit!

Hillary's physical energy is drying up! She has no energy to speak to crowds longer than 5 -minutes!

Oh, Oh.....The big treasury dump!

Time to get OUT OF THE MARKET, now!

Panic building in the markets because of "no growth". Could this be 2008 all over-again? Do we face a collapse in 3 hours? Stay alert!

Obama's "mental illnesses" and "mental capacities" are getting worse and worse.

Inside, he is "frozen" and "terrified".

Ted Cruz's actual birth certificate is released. No question he is a citizen.....!

This was the worst first-week-of-the-year in trading history!

China is "crashing, crashing, crashing". What is next?

Is the stage being set and pressure building for WWIII in the Middle East as China is now sending troops to join Russia to fight Isis & Turkey?

If GUNS are TRULY the problem then why does IRAN get nukes!

PRESIDENT LAWLESS ALERT: Texas Gov. Abbott challenges Obama to "Come and try and take out guns away!" 

Paula Jones' STUNNING radio interview exposes Hillary's & Bill's "secret war on women"! Women, especially, need to know about this!

​​​​_________ DECEMBER 2015 _____________


Hillary Clinton's policies and actions responsible for hundreds-of-thousands of deaths worldwide...and counting?

DECEMBER 2015: MUST READ - Article Of The Month!

Why a Congressman said, "NO!" to Paul Ryan's Traitorous Omnibus Bill!

Lawless Obama is going to use "executive orders" to disarm Americans and confiscate Americans' gun. In the meantime, the Swiss Army is telling its populate to arm itself. What is wrong with this picture?

Obama's "lawlessness" just grows and grows and grows. Now, he is snooping on Congress and Israel!

NONSENSE Grows! Christians a bigger threat than Muslims?!

Jerry Lewis blasts Obama and lauds Trump!

GOP Congressmen laugh in Paul Ryan's face for passing the Omnibus Bill and believing Harry Reid's "promises". My, God!

The signs are everywhere: Ecopocalypse is FAST Approaching!

Obama uses the "Race Card" against Trump.

Does this mean the Democrats are watching Hillary's continued slide downhill? Trump looks to be, not only the winner already, but by record margins!

Paul Ryan's TRILLION DOLLAR Bill increases the US deficit by billions and billions of dollars and rips the heart of the the middle class.

DAMNING PROOF: Obama has an agenda-narrative-driven plan to allow Radical Terrorist into America and NOT To Protect America and Americans From Harm?

Trump exposes and calls-out Hillary's never-ending stream of lies, lies, lies...

Trump taking on a leadership role in the GOP.

Hillary's "serial lying" just gets worse and worse and worse. Received "Top Secret" email on her private server!

Meet the "Left-wing" Nut Jobs who support Hillary and the!

Combine Trump's "numbers" and Cruz's "number".....and you have a crushing steam-roller that will take the nomination and destroy Hillary in the general election!

"Hello, President Trump": Police unions unite behind Trump for president!

Rupert Murdoch agrees with Trump!

A Fun Message From The Music Corner!


BEWARE of "next Friday".....bad economic action awaits.

Is the economy imploding and getting ready to collapse? Thanks Obama!!!

IMPORTANT: Here is the truth about the false and fabricated jobs report. 

French elections this week-end might be the most important ever!

CAIR blames USA for San Bernardino Jihad Murders and Slaughter! The people in CAIR support terror and need to be shutdown and sent home.

Attack in San Bernardino: Is is not time that we all start to "carry" so we can protect & defend?

Try as they can, the police can't react in time...

Elite Media "mocks" people's "thoughts and prayers". Yeah, it is easy to mock what you don't understand....

Time for people to CARRY all the time? California has some of the toughest gun laws!

__________NOVEMBER 2015___________


Obama has led the greatest fraud ever on America and Americans and should be indicted.


Radical Islamic Muslims show their true colors when they get the chance to "rule" in this country. They take over Michigan City Council and immediately tell non-Muslims to "leave town". So much for their

"loving and peaceful" religion rants?

Trump ponders whether 100+ black pastors "bent to the will" of the racist "Black Lives Matter" movement...and removed their endorsement of Trump who has repeatedly said that "helping blacks" will and is a major platform to his campaign?

George Soros is "banned in Russia" Branded as an "undesirable" person.

Social "Rudeness" running rampant like a disease in our societies.

Obama continues to allow ISIS to flourish in the US. The number of cells EXPLODE!

Argentina makes a huge, historic, populist move to a market-driven, conservative government! VERY interesting....

Obama continues to push hard to protect and increase migration of radical Islamic Muslims in the US. How traitorous is that!

Cruz surging as people begin to hear his message and pay attention.

Americans feeling like "Strangers in a strange land"!  No kidding!

What really happened in Paris? Clink on this link...

Obama is not interested in beating ISIS. Who's side is he really on? Has he lost his mind?

BOMBSHELL: Hillary's top aid, Huma, says Hillary is "Often Confused". Is she ready to be POTUS? Electing a person like her will be a huge disaster in this time in the world!

US Governors push-back hard and refuse to take in refugees. Obama's administration is targeting GOP states!

Ted Cruz is rising fast and in a position to make a major move in the short-term.

Japan slips into recession!

The Left Wing, Black Lives Matters and Muslims call for the end of "free speech". Good, let's start with cutting them all off first?

Obama: "Isis is not getting stronger". He's kidding, right? Seems like they are spreading at a rapid pace!

Cruz "rocks and rises" during and after the latest debate.

Christians are being actively PURGED in the Middle East. Will be gone in a few short years.

Is it not the time to PURGE the WEST of these Middle East influences and return the "favor"?

Politico libels Ben Carson with outrageous false story designed to smear and discredit him. The MSM is totally without scruples and feeds on its own dishonesty.

Hillary crosses the lines of criminality by ignoring NDA documents she signed?

Today is the day to begin the process to impeach Obama for treason and high crimes?

Socialists gather in NYC to plot new American Revolution (a "socialist" one) in 2016! Are non-socialists allowed to come in and give their ideas, too?

Muslims warn of their planned land war on German soil!

Mass migration destroying Europe overnight!

Hillary whines about Bernie "pushing back" and "not being nice"... awwww,

​​___________OCTOBER 2015____________


Why Russia is moving into to take over Syria and prepare to invade Israel.

Trump shows his deep insight, yet, AGAIN. 

Rubio gets major financial backer and exposes the ties that will pull his strings. Trump? He is paying his own bills, the big ones...

Democrats saying that Paul Ryan is "one of us"!

MEANWHILE, The Tea Party is waiting to

pounce, pull out the steamrollers and take back the country.

Hillary dodges all the facts and blatant lies and blames the Internet video on Benghazi, when the point IS THAT SHE lied about the whole event and is STILL LYING....?

Planned Parenthood now wants to harvest brains!

Obama and Biden vs Hillary: Has the hating and the "WAR" begun? This should be good!

What does Obama and Biden know that Hillary doesn't know?

Has America lost the "miracle" that helped to create this great country?

Hillary promoting TOTAL gun confiscation in the USA?!?!?!?!

Is Obama interfering with Hillary's criminal e-mail scandal? FBI is furious.....

Medicare costs to soar for many people. Moreover, there is no cost-of-living increase pending for people receiving Social Security.

Heck, the government has got to find new ways to steal money from us to pay for all the FREE STUFF being given to illegals and the other freeloaders invading our country, right?

Obama's well-funded ISIS plants in the USA are recruiting in your home town.

Civil War erupting in The Vatican?

"The WORST of ALL WORST deals", ObamaCare stalls. NOT sustainable...on its last legs?

Obama's "60 Minute Interview" exposes Obama's mental ineptitude, illnesses and true lack of what leadership is. He is in a world, "all his own".

Crony Capitalism: The "Cause" of all problems in society and the world? Could be. VERY WELL could be.

ObamaTrade is a "beast" that will crush intellectual property rights and freedom of expression. Will someone PLEASE stop this man and his illegal and unsavory agenda?

Obama & the DEMS in a major flurry and offensive to take away American's guns!

Is it not time to put and end to Obama's illegal, un-constitutional behavior and intentions?

Will the TTP lead to Internet censorship?

Obama's veiled threat to confiscate American's guns!

Obama's "spinning out of the turn" and his mad dash to destroy America begins in earnst!

Oregon shooter singles out Christians to be shot during murderous rampage....

Hillary's lies about "Top Secret" woes just get worse and worse?

Obama accused by president of Argentina of secretly trying to get nuke fuel for Iran back in 2010!

___________SEPTEMBER 2015 __________

Hillary bent over for the gay lobbyists and approved "Gay Friendly" Passports.

Trump rolls out and amazing and powerful tax plan!  Silences his critics who have been screaming for specifics!

Blood moon does NOT disappoint! What is next?

Will the Pope's visit signal the beginning of the global collapse?

Hillary commits perjury, again!

Caterpillar collapsing?

The Fed just repeated devastating mistake made back in 1927! Is "history" repeating?

Megyn Kelly has a major Anti-Trump melt-down. People are turned off by her contempt and hatred of Trump....and turning her "off".

Is Yellen "Head Faking" herself out by holding rates unchanged?

100% of economists think China is lying about their GDP....

Germany closes its border. Can't take anymore people.... (developing)....

Obama, staff and followers "celebrate" and ignore 9-11 event. Sick, sick, sick....

Trump events selling out everywhere, while Hillary's events are ignored!

Trump, Cruz, Levin, Palin and other conservatives stop Boehner's plan to help approve Iran Nuke deal.

AGENDA 2030: UN Global Agenda to "calmly" take over the earth and have Americans pay for it. This is chilling......

Major global powers preparing to enter the Middle East theater? Haven't we read this story before?

Trump's message resonating, growing and overwhelming the competition....

Hillary "Melting" Like Famous Movie Witch

Time for Hillary to cash in her chips and retire. Trump reigns head-to-head match-up. And he is just getting started.

Dire secret in China: Trillions IN BAD Debt....

Trump supporters are any but "low-informed" voters. Quite the opposite.....

Clinton spokesman makes insane claim...

Obama predicts global disaster! Is he too late?

Hasn't he done enough already?

Mass extinction, over 4 days, wipes out endangered antelopes stuns specialists!

____________ AUGUST 2015 ____________

Chicago Cubs' "No-Hitter" A Predictor of world-wide collapse?

Judge orders White House and the IRS to produce block-buster documents!

It's "Open Warfare" on Hillary as she drops the gloves with vile Nazi accusations....!

DNC hosting an internal war with Martin O'Malley claiming the process is "RIGGED"!

Does Hillary already have all the votes? Does it matter if she is indicted?

China dumping debt!

Bad, bad, bad news rising from China?

Trump takes on those attacking Christians!

IRS exposes Lois Lerner's second and very secret email account....

Reasons we are staring into the abyss?

Russian media voices fears of an "Economic Apocalypse" in the US in September...

China's situation worse than being reported.

OK, this comes from the "Funny-But-It's-True" file....

Hillary "Scrambling" downhill.....

Is the USA and China already "at war"?

BAM! Dow drops 531 points!

Equity and stock market support lines snapping....

Hillary losing her cool, getting snarky and nasty!

Hillary probably has a back-up server. Her IT service cooperating with the Feds...

Hillary's criminal email activities just get worse...

Democrats freaking out over Hillary's baggage?

Hillary's email server was "professionally wiped clean! Time for jail....for any number of charges?

Hillary was very sloppy in protecting her illegal actions....damaging emails discovered in May.

Inventories swell and a recession is omni-present....

Demented Castro claims that the USA owes Cuba "Millions"! ..... (ha,ha,ha,ha)......

Pentagon in serious face-off with Obama who's hiding Russia's Missile Treaty Breach!

Conservatives sick of being ganged-up by The GOP, Dems and Media...

Cruz warns GOP about bad-rapping Trump...

"It's Official": Obama is an agent for Iran and supporter of the radical Muslim agenda...

Illegals SWAMPING the border!

Farrakhan exposes his "World Class" racism. Calls for a blacks to rise up and kill whites! Should he not be arrested and put in jail? 

OMG! Here comes Hillary's "Fake" southern accent, AGAIN!

Why ALL governments HATE GOLD!

Smart women turning "Off" to Hillary and her dishonesty and manipulation....

Gold and Economic Freedom.....

Navy to prosecute hero in Chattanooga killing spree! What? What? What?

Gay marriage "Ultimate Goal": Destroy Christianity and "The Family"?

Michael Savage lauds Donald Trump as the "Winston Churchill of our time"...

Palin comes out swinging for Trump...

Obama's "EXPANSION": Worst expansion since WW II is even WORSE!

China's "rigged" economy is spinning out-of-control into global doom and gloom....

Media smears and attacks Trumps family looking for dirt... he's doing something right!

Is the FED setting the BIG CRASH up?

Margaret Sanger: Racist, Occultist and founder of Planned Parenthood. She preached and promoted black genocide.

More and more Hispanics starting to line-up behind Trump. Vow they will vote for him.

Young people turn away from Hillary. Not interested in her at all....

Kathleen Willey sets up Anti-Bill & HIllary website based on their sexual abuses....

Trouble brewing in China?

"Big Business" for Planned Parenthood in harvesting baby organs.....

DOJ finally ready to investigate Hillary's illegal use of email and content? We hope so....

Documents prove Obama used the IRS to target conservatives.....

The Pope takes on the devil!

Planned Parenthood haggle over price of baby body parts....

Liberals want to TAX white people!

Muslim killer's DRUG DIARY uncovered by FBI

Trump pushes back in defense of Vets!

True Perspective of the roots of Islam....

Obama building GIANT "race-based" data base.

Why? What for? For what purpose?

Obama Going To Use Social Security To Control Gun Ownership?

Obama insisting teenage girls have implanted IUDs?

Now Detroit's Black Gangs Are Raping Couples!

What happens when "The Big One" hits America's Great Northwest?

The dangers of mercury in vaccines....

Athens on FIRE! Deal never going to happen?

Ok, this is easy. An A-to-Z break down of America today! Impress your friends, share it!

As we noted, who was the BIG winner in the Iran Deal? Russia and China, of course. Follow the money that flows back to Obama & Clinton!

And the winners are, Russia & China! Obama assures America continues to spiral downward!

Does America have a big enough rug to sweep all its troubles under?

Mexican Drug Lord waltzes out of High Security Mexican prison thru his own private tunnel!

Does China's Stock Market Mirror 1929?

Trump has emotional meeting with the families of people killed by illegals with a message that highlights truth and honesty....

Is the Eurozone done?

Why are Obama's gay "activist" friends constantly being outed as actively sexually assaulting young boys?

Hillary stumbles, fumbles and mumbles! Time she just drops out? She lacks the energy and her illegal activities are sinking her...ship?

Disturbing Inventory Numbers!

Hillary waddling scared from Kate Steinle issues. You'd think she'd condemn Kate's murder?

Does Hillary want to be president so she can just keep using OUR government credit card to continue to shop, shop, shop and travel?

SF Sheriff purged his record as a wife beater?

Hillary stoops to being the "Victim"! Do we need

a woman who plays this game as President? Carly would not act like this...

Yea! It's Hillary's "Last Rodeo"! Dang, why not do us all a favor and get off her high horse now?

Oklahoma governor shows us he has a backbone, a great love for God and a giant set of ....

Obama and the Democrats illegal immigration leads to murder and blood in the streets or innocent citizens! The blood is on their hands?

Cruz and Huckabee go toe-to-toe! Cruz winning!

Have Romney, Rubio and Jeb made a BIG MISTAKE?

Are the Democrats, liberal, leftist, Obama-ites aiming at killing America's Christian roots next?

The New York Times caught spreading lies and continuing to use "slimy, creative pseudo-journalism against Scott Walker? Scared?

One of our FAVORITE Sheriffs pulls the curtain back on the true state of America....a must read.

Chinese markets being manipulated to crash?

The end of the world is here. JP Morgan can't make any money anymore.....?

Liberals and Democrats crushing women with their "War On Women"!

"Flag burners", welcome! Well, sorta, not really, just kidding.....

Ted Cruz is right, again and again and again. Is he the "True Dark Horse?

Hillary's "Dirt Squad" getting ready to attack Bernie. Is she scared or what?

Boy, do the Millenials have "voters remorse" after voting for Obama?

Carly adding LOTS of fans.....

Frightening Financial admission from the Bank of International Settlements (BIC)......

ACLU exposed as a leftist-Democrat political propaganda tool? Picking & choosing cases?

Is Hillary just plain dumb and pampered?

Quick, quick, quick! Would you pay Chelsea Clinton $65,000 to speak for 10 minutes?

Mass Hysteria Drowning Progressives!

If you were the media, would you roll-over and let Hillary use you as a foot stool?

Obama and Hillary a dysfunctional team? The answer begins with a "y".....

This is BEYOND weird, WAY beyond!

GOP Candidates for POTUS "Score Card" for their support of marriage...... Interesting!

Oh, Boy! SCOTUS rule against Obama and throw Americans a "bone"....

Oh, no, we are STILL giving Bill Clinton money to travel to shop at high end stores...!

NEXT? The government is targeting the churches.....

FINALLY ... Liberal agenda exposed as mass "Mental Illness".....

Global Bond Markets poised for a serious margin call....?

Oh, boy ... The Chinese "Fix" has begun....

FACE BOOK, APPLE, MICROSOFT and the Silicon Valley royalty led the charge for Gay Day court decision....

Obama "Defaces" The White House"!

Sen. Jeff Sessions shines a bright light on the SCOTUS decision....

The Pope signs a deal with the "State of Palestine".....

Time to impeach the IRS?

Muslims slaughter 39 sunbathers!

China Stock Market Crashes......

Was Rush right yet again?

Obama exposes himself?

The Invasion of America getting worse?

From the "Predictions" corner....

Democrats and their beloved Confederate Flag.......

93,600,000+ Americans, or 63%, NOT working!

SCOTUS opens the door for illegal elections...

SCOTUS clears the path for repeal of Obamacare.........?!

Let's pop some popcorn and read Hillary's "Secret Emails"....well, some of them.